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  1. Identify and explain the author’s main ideas. Begin your critique of the article with an introduction that defines the subject of your critique and your point of view.

The article covered is titled ‘Adult Learners Effective Training Methods’ written by Scott P. Smith. The article’s main focus analyzes why adult learners repudiate being taught, favoring a more interactive and engaging role in training. Smith stresses that interaction and engagement in adult learners only occur where there is relevancy in the information relayed. Adult learners must be persuaded that the information disseminated in the training process is beneficial to them in the field and as individuals (Smith, 2017). The achievement of this phenomenon is constrained by factors such as identification of need for training, the most effective delivery method, and the level of learner engagement required to retain information. The article also discusses the importance of trainers evaluating a needs assessment. A needs assessment helps the trainer to understand the precise requirements needed to be included in the training. Therefore, shrewd trainers often amend training techniques to fit the learner’s specifications by integrating them with the needs assessment components. The efficacy level of training is thus dependent on the incorporation of the learners’ needs in the training schedule. The delivery method is also crucial in retention; therefore, the most effective method is captured in the need assessment.

  1. Based on the research in your chosen article, what is the one factor that has a direct and positive impact on knowledge retention, and why?

According to the article by Scott Smith, one factor that has a direct and positive impact on knowledge is the delivery of information. The degree of knowledge retention is directly proportional to the method of information delivery; thus, validation improves drastically where information delivery is appropriate to the learners (Smith, 2017). In addition, the delivery of information breeds interaction and engagement, which is a critical factor in knowledge retention. The allocation of time for discussion and sharing ideas among the trainees improve knowledge retention and leads to innovative ideas.

  1. Describe the three-step process for training adaptation and delivery. Does the author cover this process in your article? If not, do you think the author’s method would benefit from including this process? Explain your rationale.

The three-step process for adaptation and delivery includes the development stage, delivery, and validation. The development stage primarily entails conducting a needs assessment through content creation. The development of a hierarchy of training needs of employees helps improve training precision since it leads to training updates. The development of a needs assessment program also helps select the best delivery system based on staff competencies. The second step entails the selection of the appropriate delivery model. One benefit of choosing a proper delivery system is that employees are more focused on training, thus increasing memory retention (Polaris Learning, 2018). In addition, the inclusion of pictures in the training manuals helps employees deconstruct the job requirements easily. The final step entails the assessment of content retention through implementing a quiz after 30 days to measure performance review. The validation process also includes a feedback loop that helps management gauge the effectiveness of the training process. The validation data are derived from quizzes on training goals and feedback loops assessing retention. The data reveal knowledge gaps and areas of improvement regarding the training. Smith covers the process in the chapter titled, Needs Assessment, Delivery, and Validation, where he stresses the need to adapt training content and delivery systems.

  1. What is the importance of employee-driven content?

The benefits of employee-driven content include improved employee engagement, improved performance, and diffusion of office conflicts. A robust feedback exchange leads to recognition, thus ensuring staff feel motivated and engaged (Maier, 2019). The access to further training driven by employees helps create a diverse pool of talents, thus improving the organization’s performance.  In addition, feedback provides employees tools to address issues before they escalate since they are comfortable discussing hard work topics.

  1. To appeal to adult learners, what do delivery methods need to include, and why?

The delivery methods needed to appeal to adult learners include; group activities, practical activities, and hands-on exercises. These elements help create engagement since they involve communicating relevant information to adults through interaction instead of text. Interactions help retain knowledge better than text information. Adults also retain more aesthetically presented information since it stimulates interactions.

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Smith, S. P. (2017). Adult learners: Effective training methods. Professional safety, 62(12), 22-25.

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