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Unit 8 Survey World History | Homework Helpers Online

Sources to Examine To Understand the Incas

To understand Incas, it is critical to examine their pottery styles. Unlike other previous cultures, Incas pottery utilized the geometric patterns and shapes and heads of animals instead of portraying the human form. The use of pots was intended for ceremonial and utilitarian purposes (Writer |, 2020). The Incas were proficient in their pottery skills considering their hand-making and welding skills .High-quality ceramic was used in the production of pots.

Moreover, they were spiritual beings since they held important ceremonies in reverence of their gods. The huaco, a ceremonial pottery was intended for rituals such as burials. The khipu that consists of pendant cords and fiber was made with great precision and flexibility demonstrating that Incas were resourceful (Urton, 2020). Items such as the figurine, Chimú necklace and women’s shawl also depicted the community’s innovation capabilities. The community’s distinctive engineering techniques demonstrate talent and appropriate use of available resources. The Incas ensured that they utilized the available resources to create products useful for members’ welfare and necessity.

Important Developments in Incas

Construction of the Inca Road is one of Incas notable developments. The road extends over 20,000 miles long into diverse geographical profiles including tropical lowlands, mountains and deserts (“The Great Inca Road: Engineering an Empire”, 2020). Currently, the road is utilized by Andean communities across Bolivia, Peru and Colombia. Other developments such as the Q’eswachaka suspension bridge and Inca agricultural terraces are significant to the surrounding communities. Each year, local communities residing near the Apurimac River Canyon employ traditional Inca engineering strategies to reconstruct the Q’eswachaka Bridge. They build the entire bridge within three days. They also acknowledge that reconstruction of the bridge has continually been done since the time of the Inca.

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