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Undocumented or Illegal Aliens in the U.S.

The U.S. government protects its borders to safeguard the wellbeing of individuals by limiting their exposure to contraband, drugs, and illegal movement of weapons. Border security is an important function that defines the ability of a government to control outcomes and influence the thought process of individuals in their surroundings. In an attempt to promote economic prosperity and uphold national sovereignty, border security plays an essential role in exposing a country closer to its functions in the contemporary society. However, the ability of undocumented citizens to use diversionary tactics to enter the U.S. remain one of the primary problems affecting border patrol and security.

By eliminating the multiple restrictions around the immigration system, many immigrants will be willing to align their interests within the system because of its efficient operations that demonstrate the progressive status of the country. When immigrants are exposed to an enabling environment that processes their requests promptly, they will shun from exploring the dangerous options, which undermine the efforts put in place by border patrol officers (Machado, 2017). For this reason, access to jobs should be a key motivator that discourages immigrants from engaging in criminal activities to sustain their lifestyle in the country.

Existing research has emphasized on the importance of streamlining the immigration processes and system to discourage immigrants from engaging in criminal activities that weaken border security. Eliminating various barriers that hinder individuals from sustaining their quality of life is among the best approaches, which the U.S. federal administration should use to foster interactions between the natives and other individuals in their surroundings. From this realization, the approaches used to connect foreigners to employment opportunities is an important aspect that will lower the various issues associated with undocumented citizens in the country.


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