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Types of Research Design | College Paper Writing Help

Experimental, Quasi-Experimental, and Non-Experimental Research

Experimental research is a scientific approach that includes a variable and hypothesis that can be manipulated and compared. This study seeks to identify a correlation between the independent variable and the dependent variable. Most experimental studies are quantitative. An example of experimental research is whereby the researcher assesses the effects of a particular COPD drug. The researcher identifies three homogenous groups of participants suffering from COPD and administers a higher dosage to the first group, a lower dosage to the second group, and the third group receives placebo treatment.   Alternatively, non-experimental research employs the descriptive approach, and it does not involve the manipulation of the independent variable; instead, the researcher assesses the variables. An example of non-experimental research is whereby a researcher seeks to determine the effects of certain medication by observing a group of selected participants.

Quasi-experimental research is quite similar to the experimental approach in that it involves the manipulation of the independent variable; however, it does not include random assignments or control groups. The quasi-experimental technique is regularly utilized where random selection cannot be undertaken or control groups’ creation cannot be achieved. An example of this study is whereby the researcher hypothesizes that  B vitamin supplements will promote hair growth; therefore, the researcher randomly selects two groups of respondents comprising the test group, which is provided with the supplement, and the control group, which is deprived of it.



Effectiveness of the Research Designs

The experimental research provides researchers with control over variables, can be integrated with other rigorous methodologies, and its findings can be generalized to similar populations. Simultaneously, the non-experimental analysis allows for the manipulation of multiple variables, less invasive, and efficient for the collection of large amounts of data.

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