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Twitter Ad Age

Discussion #1: “Twitter Ad Age”

Audible Company integrates a twitter feed to advertise its brand and services provided. The primary aim is to reach out to potential consumers desiring to visit various destinations. The airline company has adopted a vintage theme that generates greater satisfaction among the clients. The image captured in the feed shows a service provider handling a client. The non-verbal cues, such as the smile, show a greater satisfaction level in the service provided. The audience stands a chance of assessing the status of services delivered to the clients by examining the interaction between the young man and the lady. Undoubtedly, the airline caters to the interests and welfare of the consumers. Individuals seeking to visit any destination aspire to utilize the airlines’ service because of the feed’s appeal. The vintage approach is a growing trend, with a majority of the global consumers shifting to the selection of the vintage feel and look. It is an old theme that is making its way back in the public domain. The airline focuses on the vintage appearance to attract and retain the attention of potential clients. Therefore, the twitter feed focusing on vintage-based airline ads can attract numerous consumers willing to establish a long-term relationship with Audible airline. The advertising approach can accelerate growth and productivity.

URL: https://twitter.com/adage/status/1281589793433026562

Discussion #2: “Harvard Business Review”

The twitter ad focuses on price maximization during negotiations. Price is a crucial marketing element because it can determine if consumers are willing to purchase an item or not. The price element is incorporated to inform managers and potential leaders about the perspective. As much as the price of a service or product matters, it is vital to consider future opportunities. If a manager creates a culture where the staff negotiates high prices for various items and services, there is a likelihood that it can alter the existence of future negotiators. The twitter feed highlights that exclusive maximization of the value of a deal at hand chases and undermines successful future negotiations. Therefore, the element informs managers on effective pricing as it considers corporate welfare and the needs and interests of the other negotiating party. Quality pricing establishes greater satisfaction for each of the negotiating parties. A managers’ role in developing and implementing a viable culture that supports excellent pricing strategies maximizes the process outcome. In the future, the business has a crucial advantage at hand since it retains and attracts more consumers because of the quality pricing. Overall, the feed aims at educating managers to ensure they develop suitable pricing strategies during the negotiation for their welfare and that of their fellows.

URL: https://twitter.com/HarvardBiz/status/1281279534973759492

Discussion #3: “Build Your Own”

The selected model manufactured by the Toyota Company s the Camry Hybrid 2020. It is a modern car that appeals to the eye. The car’s aesthetic features attract a potential buyer in owning such a car. It has a wide range of attributes that makes it a quality choice. First, its exterior design has a sturdy shape and captivating style that announces a persons’ arrival. Purchasing such a car comes with authority and greater admiration. Secondly, the interior has a welcoming feel where a user feels that the car listens to their needs and interests. The audio display has a captivating feel since it displays an individual’s favorite colors that generate a perfect mood. Thirdly, the car model is built using advanced technology. The smart technological system is centered on meeting the needs of the user. Lastly, the blind spot monitor with rear-cross traffic alert generates safety and allows the driver to enjoy the ride. These are notable features that attract me to purchase the car. The price of the car is $28,430. If I were in a position to purchase the car, I would go ahead and do it. However, financial challenge is a key limitation currently. Images of the car and the pricing are integrated into the website to market it to potential clients.

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