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TWiki is known to be susceptible to Cross-Site Scripting and Command Execution Liabilities. I believe the system should be updated to a higher version. There are risks if the susceptibilities and linked dangers are not resolved. Specifically, operating system liabilities pose a substantial threat to the Linux server, affected softwares, the operating system, and additional hosts within the network that may depend on the range and nature of the abuse. The system, primarily developed using php, ought not to be retrieved by sudo users as the files contain the users’ login identifications. The Linux server legacy applications and information vital to an organization’s survival. A corporation may not afford to have the system being offline while trying to solve the challenges. As a result, the most common mode of fixing the challenges is adhering to the commendations made clear in the output while abiding by cybersecurity best practices based on the corporation’s needs.

Feedback Response 2

I believe it is essential to critically assess the detected susceptibilities founded on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score and how crucial the susceptible asset is to the corporation. Because the corporation runs an outdated TWiki application, it is essential to run an update to prevent attacks and retrieve users’ login credentials.  Failure to fix the susceptibilities and linked threats will result in a significant threat. Particularly in the identified web server hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) over TCP port 80. In comprehending cybersecurity best practices, susceptibility scanning is vital to finding weaknesses and addressing safety gaps. Vulnerability scanning allows detection of where critical structures and assets are susceptible to attacks. While Nessus bears the advantage of providing a lesser false-positive rate, the user community has voiced many issues when conducting scans through OpenVAS. It is worth the extra cost bearing in mind how vital it is to remediate or mitigate the susceptibilities and their linked risks to enhance the security posture of the corporation while averting inner and external dangers.

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