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Turner Syndrome Essay Structure and Format | Do My Paper



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September 13, 2020



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A basic research paper consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion.  The introductory paragraph presents the topic of the paper and typically summarizes the main points and ends with a thesis.  The body of the paper covers the main points and normally includes citations to sources that support the author’s claims and information.  Papers should end with a conclusion.  Conclusions normally summarize the main points that were addressed, without introducing new content.

Genetic and Genomic Assessment Findings

This is where you will describe the genetic inheritance patterns of Turner Syndrome and how it will present. You will describe what the patient with Turner Syndrome will look like or other complications that may arise because of the genetic mutation. You should describe in detail all the options for diagnosis of this disease and when the tests can be done (i.e. what age, prenatal or postnatal, etc.).

Ethical Considerations

Here you will present the potential ethical dilemmas that a family or healthcare provider may be presented with this particular diagnosis. Consider the potential ethical dilemmas that may arise throughout the lifespan of the patient. Are there different ethical dilemmas for infants, school-aged children, adolescents, or adults?

Ethical Foundations

This is where you will explain the ethical concepts or foundations related to the dilemmas that you presented in the previous section. For example, you may relate beneficence, autonomy, justice, or nonmaleficence to the case of Turner Syndrome. Be sure to explain how or why you chose these particular concepts.

Care Plan

This is where you can choose to either type out the components of a care plan in essay format or you can choose to insert a chart in here to follow the example care plans that we discussed in the live session. I have inserted a chart to show an example. Make sure to include both intraprofessional (how the nurse will address care for this patient) and interprofessional (how other healthcare professionals might be consulted to help this patient).

AssessmentNursing DiagnosisPlanning (goals)InterventionsRationaleEvaluation









You should always conclude your paper with a paragraph or two that sums up or reinforces your important points of your essay. The conclusion does get a level one heading which should be center aligned and boldface font.

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