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Treatment Plan

Client Information:

The client has self-esteem and confidence issues, which ought to be addressed. He needs psychosocial support. To ensure that he gains confidence and can easily be able to relate with other people. As a result of the esteem issue, the client fails to communicate well with teachers, colleagues, nad family.  There is a need for this issue to be comprehensively addressed, as way of finding both long and short term solution.

Summary of Reason for Referral:

The client clearly needs therapy , since having a high esteem can help to instill him more confident  nad make him feel valuable  and worthy of respect.  This will hence enhance his overall wellbeing.


Low self-esteem is major challenge faced by people. This reduces their confidence, mostly in public, hence limiting their ability to reach their potential (Kim & Manion, 2019).  A majority of people with low self-esteem tend to perform poorly both in classes, in jobs and in relating to pother people (Webb, 2018).

Long-Term Goal:

To ensure that the client undertakes a self-analysis, identifies his strengths and weaknesses, and is able to finally boost his confidence, a factor that will make him perform his tasks better in the future (Whittaker and Tracy, 2017).



Short-Term Goals/Objectives


Projected Date of Completion


Completion Date


1.     To have  a self-analysis and understand his main challenges


2.     Ensuring that the client Acknowledges Where he  Needs Change


3.     Addressing issues related to him taking care of himself, such as physical exercise, dressing and dealing with people

4.     Undertaking continuous therapy session, as way of making sure that there are positive changes for the client1/09/202010/09/2020
5.     Having a program that involves the family and friends who will act as the support group15/09/202020/09/2020


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