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Transgender People in China Essay | Homework Help Online

I am studying the conceptualization of transgender people in China because I want to find out what they go through as the transition and affirm to belong in a certain gender, why they change their status and live a new life as LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and question/queer) population, and how the process is exercised especially when obtaining consent to gender-affirming surgery.

The LGBTQ population in China has β€œsuffered discrimination and legal harassment for years until its retraction in 1997” (Wang et al., e440). The bias and dogmatism surrounding the societal norms towards the LGBTQ population make it difficult for the population to live in harmony. The legal demands and compliance to access the necessary help in the transition process of transgender make it impossible for the affected persons to seek proper care and treatment. This is life-threatening and harmful to society as it is likely to lose affected persons to depression among other psychological diseases (Chen et al. 1126). The incorporation of proper measures essential for the protection of the LGBTQ persons and the change of societal norms and culture towards them is fundamental for growth and progress. The research on topic seeks to outline the precedents of fear, discrimination, and prejudice that erode the quality of life in which the LGBTQ population lives in China. Thus, proposing the need for a change of the status quo dogmatism to a more accommodating society.

Part II: Intended Audience and Method

In this research, the intended audience comprises of the general population of China to articulate the values of change of norm and culture as part of societal progress and development. Also, target the LGBTQ population as one of the target audience to encourage perseverance and determination for a better future. Their aspirations to become part of society continues to gain traction and support from different groupings. The third target audience comprises of police makers and legislators to make laws that seek to protect LGBTQ persons and influence acceptability in society. This is in realization to change in time and history enabling the society to adapt to contemporary issues.

To acquire sufficient information on the subject, the research will conduct an extensive search of scholarly materials to assess the existing body of knowledge essential to elaborate literature review vital to the understanding of the topic. The research on journal and media articles is essential to attain deep insights on the general perception across different circles – academics, religion, and health towards the LGBTQ population. As well, sourcing information from LGBTQ groups is fundamental to acquire first-hand experiences and awareness from the affected persons to have a clear outline of what they endure in Chinese society (Amnesty International). Thus, inform the research theories and recommendations of approach and perception paramount to change of cultural and societal norms.

Part III: Significance

The inquiry is profoundly significant to induce an extensive understanding of the plight of the LGBTQ persons and what they endure. The society is likely to be made more aware of the experiences and difficulties the LGBTQ populations undergo in their existence (Zhu et al. 339). Also, the inquiry is significant to give the LGBTQ population a channel to air their issues and illuminate the society to the quandary of their life. The inquiry is fundamental to document key cases in which the LGBTQ population has suffered in the hands of society. Hence, call for a change of social and cultural norms towards the affected persons.

Finally, the research falls under the psychological disorders disciplinary as it outlines the health and psychological phenomenon associated with the issue at hand (Wang et al., e440). The psychosocial analysis classification is a major part of the study to show how both the LGBTQ persons and the society are psychologically affected leading to social norms and values influencing the perceptions.

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