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Transformational Leadership | Management Assignment Writers

Increased spread of COVID-19 pandemic across the world has resulted to need of an imposition of leadership measures focused on dealing with the virus and its effects.  The transformational leadership measures focus on ensuring that the welfare of the workers is upheld, even as the leaders ensure high productivity (Baškarada, Watson & Cromarty, 2017). Among the elements of transformational leadership imposed in dealing with the virus include the creation of online learning platforms. As school schedules are highly affected, the national leadership through the minister of education, and other education leaders at different levels have created efficient online platforms to enable students to effectively continue with their academic programs. The national government, through the ministry of education, has provided online platforms specifically meant to support academic features to enable students to have a better learning experience.

The leadership of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the entire team of the world health organization has also been fundamental in assisting countries across the world in dealing with the pandemic. The international organization which operates across the global sphere has exhibited transformational leadership skills through provision of measures necessary in fighting the pandemic. Through the organization, countries across the international system have received funding and medical supplies essential in conducting the necessary treatment and prevention measures. The organization, through its leadership, has essentially mitigated the increased spread of the COVID-19.

The organizational leadership of most organizations have engaged the transformational leadership by having their employees work remotely from home as a result of the pandemic. Organizations including Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Twitter have ensured that all their employees globally engage in remote working, these organizations have, however, ensured that their employees remain productive even as they work remotely from home. Among the measures created by the organization include the provision of online meeting platforms for their employees.

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