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Topic 7 Ensuring Future Success: Reference Guide Homework Help

Topic 7 Ensuring Future Success: Reference Guide

Academic Support & Resources Guide

Resources What does this resource do for you? Where do you find this resource? (Provide link, contact info, etc.)
Student Success Center Website Houses many helpful academic resources including the Writing Center (which houses style guides and templates), tutoring & career resources, etc. Is found under the dashboard on Loudcloud, by clicking student resources then clicking on Student Success Centre.




Faculty Whether you take classes on-campus or online, the GCU Faculty are here to support you. Continually check your announcements in the learning management system for updates related to your courses. Reach out to your faculty member if you have questions or concerns regarding your upcoming tests, quizzes, assignments, papers, or projects https://support.gcu.edu/hc/en-us/articles/115005324688–LMS-Locating-Your-Instructor-s-Contact-Information


Student Services Counselor Student counsellors assist learners in both an academic and personal aspect. For instance, assisting learners if they feel overwhelmed and seeking information on behalf of students. Located under the option, My counsellor, within the GCU student portal.

My counsellor is Yvonne Owens


1.800.800.9776 ext. 513.4475

Library The University library is active in endowing learners, staff and faculty with information to facilitate effective homework research. This may be achieved through offering instructions through emails, webinars. Librarians are also accessible to facilitate research activities. https://library.gcu.edu/

800-800-9776 ext 6396641

Tech Support Assists learners with any technical challenges pertaining to the GCU portals and sites along with password resets. https://support.gcu.edu/hc/en-us/requests/new

Phone: 877-428-8447/ 602-639-7200

Academic Catalog & Policies Offers GCU academic programmes and necessitates knowledge of policies by learners. Non- compliance may result in failing to enrol or graduate. https://www.gcu.edu/academics/academic-policies.php
Title IX Bans any form of discrimination pertaining to programs eligible to federal financing. https://www.gcu.edu/academics/academic-policies/title-ix.php
Emergency/Active Shooter Information The GCU Public Safety page contains information that aides in maintaining the safety of staff and learners in the event of an emergency. If you do not already have access to information on surviving an active shooter situation through your employer or other resources, the FBI sponsored “RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. ® Surviving an Active Shooting Event” video provided on this page is an excellent resource. https://www.gcu.edu/about/offices-services/public-safety
Student Disability Services (SDS) Office Facilities uniform accessibility for learners with disabilities. A disabled individual is considered as an individual that is psychologically or mentally impaired, restricting one’s activities. https://www.gcu.edu/about/offices-services/student-disability-services


Phone: 602-639-6342

Email: disabilityoffice@gcu.edu

End of course survey (EOCS) Offers an opportunity for learners to present feedback  the institution about the course, faculty, and student advisor. Feedback is private and delivers valued insights used in enhancing the general experiences at the university. The EOCS is only accessible available through the student portal and may be accessible one week before the end of class until one week after the end of class.
Student Portal Facilitates access to elements such as GPA, class schedules and finalizing fee payments. Student portal similarly contains shortcuts to other resources. https://gcuportal.gcu.edu

Spiritual Reference Guide

Resource What does this resource do for you? Where do you find this resource? (Provide link, contact info, etc.)

Spiritual Life Page


The Department of Spiritual Life assists the GCU community develop an intimate connection with God through an active faith in Jesus Christ. The passage of comfort offers extracts to read when annoyed, depressed or when in uncertainties. http://students.gcu.edu/student-life/spiritual-life.php
Explore the GCU Spiritual Life page. In 50-75 words, describe 3-4 resources found on this page that you feel may be useful to you.


Career Reference Guide

Resources What does this resource do for you? Where do you find this resource? (Provide link, contact info, etc.)
Career Compass It is noble to revisit evaluations such as this one every so often to reexamine your proficient objectives, emphasis, and direction. https://www.focus2career.com/Portal/Login.cfm?SID=810
O*NET Online Offers a detailed account of the job world to be used by human resource specialists, learners, and researchers. Aids in seeking job opportunities in college. https://www.onetonline.org/
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Provides information pertaining to the acquired degree and wages. Will aid in seeking for occupations and assessing job’s terms and conditions. https://www.bls.gov/
Glassdoor Aids in searching for available jobs, remunerations, and evaluations regarding potential corporations from previous personnel. https://www.glassdoor.com/index.htm
CareerOneStop Offer informative films regarding career interests structured by career classifications. https://www.youtube.com/user/CareerOneStop
CNN Money Cost of Living Calculator Offers information on the cost of living in various states. For instance, the utilities, housing and transport. May also be used to perform comparison on the rates and assess the best and affordable state to reside in. https://money.cnn.com/calculator/pf/cost-of-living/index.html


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