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Time Machine Apprentice | College Homework Help Online

The time machine helped me meet Pablo Picasso, who is my favorite artist of all time. Picasso is a painter, sculptor, printmaker, and ceramicist. He is also regarded as the father of Cubism. He draws his inspirations in shapes, which he uses for his artworks more so in paintings (Encyclopedia of World Biography).  He is undoubtedly one of the greatest and also influential artists in this era due to his creativity, prowess, and skills in developing art pieces. He closely works with Braque in the development of Cubism art, which is often misunderstood by critics and viewers who believe that it is merely geometric art (Master Works).  In art, he incorporates the use of illusion and perspectives. Some of the pieces Picasso is making show multiple views of an object. The views convey more information that can be contained in a single illusionistic view.

Picasso lived in Paris, France, despite being a Spaniard by Birth. By the time he was making the Old Guitar painting, Picasso was struggling with both social and economic challenges. However, he used his time to develop cubism pieces as a way of expressing his creativity and ideas on art.  As a helper, I am happy to learn how he crafted his ideas and executed them through oil painting. I am also honored to be one of the few people whom he got to work with to make artworks that would be popular across the globe and make history.

Old Guitar by Picasso is one of my favorite pieces of art of all time.  It is an oil painting that depicts an elderly musician who is also blind and worm out, where he is weakly hunched over his guitar.  The guitar is inspired by Post-impressionism, modernism, and symbolism, which greatly influenced the style of Picasso.  Upon coming back to the present time, one factor that I would miss most about being around Picasso is the independent mind, and creativity without having to rely on the internet and other sources.

Figure 1 Old guitar By Pablo Picasso

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