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Time and Crime Article Summary

The growth and development of forensic science have accelerated criminal investigations in diverse ways. One of the areas that have benefited from this advancement is DNA profiling. Modern systems can process and determine a person’s DNA characteristics. Law enforcement officers rely on this information to assess if the alleged person committed the crime. In the past, courts failed to provide justice to the affected persons because the systems did not provide DNA profiling. However, with forensic science, such past cases can be effectively handled, and justice passed because of efficient DNA profiling. These systems enable officers to link a suspected person’s DNA with that collected at the crime scene. It is expected to witness the viability of cold-case investigations that have failed to bear positive outcomes for years (Hughes & Jonas, 2015). Through organized teams that are expected to collect all the necessary evidence, individuals who failed to obtain justice in the past have a key chance of achieving their dreams. This has made it possible for the criminal justice systems to deliver punishments targeting criminal wrongdoings to those deserving it. It also creates a safe environment, and the judgment passed increases public safety. For example, if a suspected criminal is jailed, community members feel safe and secure. Thus, forensic science has boosted a sense of safety and security. The other key area is that forensic science will serve the moral goals of the criminal justice system.

Legal structures and systems focus on ensuring that people receive justice and spend minimal resources in its pursuit. This aspiration has always been affected by the lack of advanced technological systems. With time, this sector has continued to witness improvements that create new dawn. For instance, today, forensic science can enable authorities to collect evidence and link it to the perpetrators. The criminal justice system has met its moral obligation as forensics have accelerated the handling and solving of criminal cases. Also, it has led to the reduction of financial obligations due to the minimal time spent solving these cases. Hughes and Jonas (2015) reveal that investigations cost massive financial resources. The state and the suspects bear these financial costs. When these legal processes attract minimal time, these parties reduce their financial obligations. The criminal justice system is committed to identifying, trying, and punishing offenders. Forensic science has boosted direct and indirect explanations of crime due to the ease of gathering evidence needed in passing judgment.

Overall, forensic science has boosted the understanding of the seriousness of the crime, the link between time and evidence. It has shown that crime is a severe condition that should be effectively dealt with by the criminal justice system. The advancement witnessed in the forensic domain has improved the moral obligation of the legal system. The other central element is that no matter the time passage, the arm of the law will catch up with the offenders. Today, historical cases that failed to generate positive outcomes due to the lack of quality evidence can be dealt with successfully due to the help of forensic science. The law enforcement sector can finalize cold-case investigations that have derailed justice. All crimes are worthy of investigation, and this is only achievable through advancing the structures and systems in place. Forensic science is the present and the future of the criminal justice system because it stands to accelerate justice.

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