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“This I Believe” Essay | Homework Help Service

Growing was not easy for me, as I encountered several challenges that shaped my attitude towards life. I experienced bullying from other children who made fun of my dress code and general appearance. I used to cry alone and watched the other children laugh at me, an experience I would not want any of the young people to experience. Although I am confident now about myself, I feel I would have been better if none of these events took place. I believe in equality, helping others, and justice because of its impact on individual perspectives towards life. Despite having good morals, young people should be taught about the importance of nature and its effects on their way of life. Regardless of the challenges I encountered in my childhood, I have mastered the best approaches that can be used to connect with other people in my surroundings.

My elder brother’s first incident of seizure shocked and gave me a different perspective on life. We were having a conversation after dinner, and in his jovial personality, he was cracking jokes that seemed to amuse everyone in the house. All of a sudden, he drops, and I believe he was on the brink of death, from what I have seen in the movies. The thought of him dying enabled me to understand how vulnerable we are in the face of death and sickness. While no one in the family was aware of his condition, this incident made me appreciate the role of the family in my life.

Bullying provided me with the first-hand experience of the various issues that take place in the world today. Children and young people use their strengths to leverage others and expose them to a challenging environment that affects their focus in life. Regardless of the measures adopted by their parents to protect them, the learning environment limits the control of adults to monitor the progress of their children during their interaction with other people. I am now aware of the significance of equality and justice in the community because of the inability of individuals to make informed decisions regarding their life.

Despite my young age, I always step up to help those in need to overcome issues affecting their way of life. Helping does not limit my growth, as it elevates the other person to the next level, where they can help individuals in need. By maintaining this cycle, the world not only becomes a better place but also overcomes the evil deeds that slow down the process of growth and development. In a society where influential people are not engaging in helping those in need creates an enabling environment for the rise of criminal behavior because of the constant desire to bridge the gap between the rich and wealthy.

Regardless of the challenges I encountered in my childhood, I have mastered the best approaches that can be used to connect with other people in my surroundings. Combining with my family and borrowing the values manifested in our interactions has enabled me to discover my potential in the learning environment and beyond. Helping those in need has helped me to appreciate my point of privilege and always take care of the things I have by being careful. Besides, the constant desire to help those in need has seen me support programs that seek to eradicate bullies because of their impact on the views of others towards life.

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