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Theory Application Essay

Mary Melody has depression which is a psychiatric disorder with manifestations of low moods, low self-esteem and an overwhelming feeling of sadness that persist and become severe over time. Considerably depression leads to sadness and loss of interest that influences a person’s behavior, thoughts and feelings leading to emotional and physical issues. After evaluation of Mary Melody’s case it has been determined that utilizing the cognitive behavior therapy will be effective approach for diagnosis.

Cognitive behavior therapy is considered as one of the cognitive theory that describes the perceptions and what influences their emotional behavior (Kendall and Hollon, 2013). Cognitive behavior therapy is an effective psychological intervention that comes from behavioral and cognitive psychological models of human behavior such as abnormal development that lead to depression. Cognitive behavioral theory connects theories regarding how individuals learn with the though process as well as the interpretation of events.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is grounded on how a person thinks, feels, act and how they interact. CBT changes the patterns of behavior and thinking that are behind an individual’s difficulties thus changing how they are feeling (Craske, 2010). This is a team based approach where the Clients and therapist work together to recognize and understand issues in terms of relationship between feelings, thoughts and behavior. This therapy pays attention to the relationship between behavior, thoughts, problems and how they begun during childhood (Craske, 2010). For instance, Mary Melody talks about how she has hated everything about her since childhood. Cognitive behavioral therapy will enable her understand what is happening and help him in stepping outside her automatic thoughts. CBT will help her examine her real life experience and understand what happens to her and others in the same situations. Through this, CBT will enable Mary correct her understanding and misinterpretations.

Cognitive therapy will enable the Mary understand issues with their thoughts and perceptions that contribute to their conditions. The patient and therapist develop a shared view of the individual issue which results to personalized therapy strategies and goals. This will help Mary with her depression since it works by changing people’s behavior and attitude through focusing on attitudes, beliefs and image of an individual.

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