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Theatre and Cultural Diversity Q & A | Homework Helper Website

Part A: How could a theatrical practice like “blackface” have a negative cultural effect outside of the theatre? You can think in terms of historical or modern context

The blackface practice could have negative effects outside of the theaters. This is since, the practice is used to imitate people of other races, which could tend to prove that a certain race was lesser than other races. Through the practice, persons could feel that some races are superior to others and hence creating divisions amongst people outside the theater. A majority of the blackface tended to showcase the black Americans as being lazy superstitious and hypersexual, a fact that could lead to more hatred, racial profiling and hatred amongst communities in the country. Therefore, as much as some blackface acts were genuine and preached positivity and integration, they could have adverse effects on the communities outside the theaters.

Part B: Name one character in a television show you watch or a movie you have seen who is based on a stereotype.

A character based on a stereotype is Peter pan. The movie is a Disney classic tale, where peter pan is seen to be a boy who doesn’t want to grow up. The movie entails Native American stereotypes. This is depicted in how he uses terms such as injun and the song “What Makes the Red Man Red”, which are all very stereotypical. I am of the opinion that this kind of stereotype is negative in that it tries to depict a certain race or community negatively.

Part C: How might “Theatre of the People” (i.e., Theatre of Identity, Theatre of Protest, or Cross-Cultural Theatre) be used to address the negative effects of practices such as “blackface,” “redface,” and “yellowface,” or other issues of cultural appropriation and misrepresentation related to casting opportunities and stereotyping?

The theatre of people can be sued in addressing the societal probable such as racial profiling and stereotyping. This is since, through theater plays, there can be a passing of positive messages on why people ought to appreciate different diversities, without any kinds of profiling or stereotyping. Through the theatres, plays can be used to preach togetherness and cohesiveness, rather than negatively portraying individuals’ side to their racial differences. However, there is a need for the stakeholder’s s to ensure that they are keen on ensuring that through the plays and acts, they do not offend or hurt a person, more so when depicting the racial differences.

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