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Theatre Analysis Paper: Romeo and Juliet | Literature Homework Help


Performance Description

Being a theatre enthusiast, I have watched and attended many stunning theater performances. One of the best performances I attended was a play on “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare at the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse theatre in Atlanta. This performance was one of the most thrilling experiences in my life. The play lasted about one and a half hours, where all aspects of the theater performance were well showcased, through quality performance from top calms performers. Before watching the performance, I had a clue of what the play entailed and was eager to enjoy a hand experience on the performance. The costumes of the performers suited each actor, where the dresses, stage, music and make up were superb. All the actors had emotional acting skills, which created an illusion of the Romeo and Juliet era. A factor that made the play worth watching was the heart-rending end of the lives of the two main characters, and the eternal victory of love, which was described in Shakespeare’s language.

Topical Focus

The topical focus for the theatric performance was based on the two main characters in the play, Romeo and Juliet. The performers excellently reflected the two characters where they outstandingly played the role of the two famous persons who fell in love, despite the rivalry between their families. The relationship between them was constantly affected by the anger and bitterness of their two families. They eventually get caught in the middle of a trap and have a tragic end of their lives. However, they remarkably contribute to the theme of love, which is the key theme of the play. The two main characters had outstanding acting throughout the play. There is a strong romantic tale, wrenching separation, and a twist of the tale as described by Shakespeare, which the two main actors are able to depict perfectly.


The great role-playing by the two characters connects well with the overall performance. The play is also more thrilling due to their splendid acting, the excellent production, where together with other elements such as the props, the great music, and lighting, make the theatre production the best experience I have had in my entire life. The two main actors portrayed a magnetic power, where they tremendously held the stage, had self-confidence, and a fantastic stage presence, making everyone applaud their characters. Their great act made the majority of the audience emotional and related their encounters to the play, where in the end, they received a standing ovation.


My perspective on the element of the character of the play is that the two key characters who played Romeo and Juliet in the performance were superb in playing this particular role. As compared to what is in the course materials and how it appears in the production, it is evident that the production team was keen on ensuring that the story is well narrated. This made it to reflect on the entire story and appear like a real-life experience. It was worth watching the theatrical performance since the acting was outstanding, and the production was of high quality. It also perfectly portrayed the real pictures behind the Romeo and Juliet story, where there was a touch of class and realism, with a master class display of set design, makeup, and costumes.

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