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The Woman’s Suffrage | Hire Homework Helper

Women’s suffrage refers to the right of women to participate in the electoral process and have the right to vote. The need for women to vote in the United States led to the women’s suffrage movement. The driving force for the suffrage movement was that the country had highly discriminatory rules and laws based on gender preventing women from engaging in the electoral process. The women were denied the right to vote. The activists and reformers in the suffrage movement engaged in an approximately one-hundred-year battle before the ratification of the 19th amendment allowing women to vote. Other than facing opposition from those against the women’s suffrage, other challenges that the activists and the reformers faced include the disagreement over the correct strategy for the movement, which led to the threatening and crippling of the strategy (Staples 2). Women finally got the right to vote following the ratification of the 19th amendment on August 18th, 1920. The 19th amendment elaborates that, similar to men; women deserve all the rights and responsibilities granted by citizenship (Mead para 13).

The majority of the suffrage movement was represented by those against the right of women to vote. The opposers presented a higher percentage, since, other than consisting of the one who did not want the rights granted to the women; it also included women who felt that the push for the women suffrage would result in civil conflict and unrest in the society. The similarity with the majority in the film and the suffrage movement is that it consisted of both genders. The similarity is that they both presented similar concerns, which entailed the upholding of civil peace and disorder.

The minority in the women’s suffrage movement entails the women who pushed for the agender of allowing women to have the right to vote. The women were similar to men of color, specifically African Americans in the United States. The similarity included that initially, both groups were denied the right and the liberty to participate in similar rights as the white men. Additionally, the women were similar to the slaves and the slaves in the united states. The laws operation, at a particular time, prohibited both the slaves and the freed slaves from engaging in the voting process and other civil responsibilities provided to the citizens by holding American citizenship.

Justice Resolution

The retributive justice entails the justice system where the offenders undergo punishment as a consequence of their actions. According to the justice system, offenders, for instance, spend time in prison and serve prison terms to pay for their crimes (Rani 124). Also, the offenders would engage in community service, while in other cases, they could provide material compensation to their victims. The restorative justice approach of conflict resolution entails a peaceful approach that focuses on the use of dialogue among the involved parties as the system attempts to repair the damage that results from injustice through the restoration of relationships (Vaandering & Reimer 186). The offenders are provided with the opportunity to reintegrate into society through valuing and upholding the rule of law.

The efficient justice system to deal with the women’s suffrage movement in the United States entails the restorative justice approach. The choice of the justice system involves the fact that at the time, burring women from engaging in the voting process did not break any rule in existence. At the time, there were no rules that allowed women to vote. After the significant campaigns and dialogues that led to the ratification of the 19th amendment, the country needed a peaceful atmosphere that would be disrupted by the engagement of the retributive justice approach.

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