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The Way of Love

Paul’s Definition of Love

Paul defines love as an absolute feature that is fundamental to human nature. As a human being possessing all the virtues without love makes one be nothing. For example, Paul argues that by having faith, prophetic powers, tongues of men, knowledge, or immortal capacity but not love renders one to be zilch. According to Paul, love bears patience, kindness, hope, endurance, and most importantly seeks the truth. The capacity to seek the truth has the potential to thrust an individual to the light in an everlasting context. Love is resilient and transcends all time. That makes the truly endless. Hence, indicates the epitome of humanity and human nature that uniquely distinguishes humans from any other being.

Confirmation or Change in the Understanding of Love After Reading Paul’s Definition

My understanding of love has been confirmed after reading Paul’s definition and arguments on love. Love is an integral thing in life. To be loving is essential as it helps bring people close in a compassionate, honest, and reliable manner. Love congers all things. For instance, having people that truly love you in life is crucial to ensure that in times of need and problems you have a place or person you can seek shelter. In the world, love makes life to be worthwhile –  gives a reason to continue as one remains accountable for doing good. This comprises of upholding ethical and moral life which is guided by truth as the embodiment of human essence. Thus, it fulfills the existential question of why life is and why we have to endure suffering and pain in the course of life.

Jesus Christ the Personification of Paul’s Definition of Love

Jesus Christ serves as the epitome of love with vast actions and endurance of suffering for the sake of humanity. For start, Jesus Christ sacrificed his life and came to the world ready to suffer and bear the pain to break humankind from the bondage of the original sin. Jesus Christ expresses love to all people – young, old, and those that have been cursed by the society. Knowingly, he was ready to persecuted despite the knowledge and power to change all things as they were set to occur. His life was characterized by a readiness to suffer on behalf of human beings as they can seek salvation through him.

Furthermore, in the instance when the crowd confronted a man as sought to stone him alive, Jesus explicitly showed the value of love. That is, the capacity to be compassionate, to forgive, to tolerate others, and to be sympathetic. In deterring the crowd, he asked them – the person who believes not to ever have sinned let he be the one to cast the first stone. The constant pursuit of truth shows the value of love because the truth is bound to live forever. Without the love to seek the truth – Jesus would succumb to the Devil’s temptations and earthly things. However, remains devoted to his faith and believes in God.

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