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 Twenty of them lay in a shroud of darkness. They cannot speak or exchange ideas about what is happening due to the fear of the unknown and their masters. They would only receive light when the doors creaked open, a cone of counterfeit light. They are not sure of where they are or where they are headed. This is a new experience, and only fate will decide their next destination. They get served food and water, which is unusual in their past life. They are not communicating because they can barely converse with each other. They then get rounded in separate cages and into rusted boxes with wheels. They can then see a glimpse of the sun for the first time, where a grey sky surrounds them and then blocked by a tarp.

This is a rescue mission like no other. Twenty dogs were on the verge of either finding themselves at the slaughterhouse or roaming in the streets, where they are despised and unloved. The dogs were saved from the Chinese meat markets and streets and are now are freely in safe houses after getting adopted. The rescue mission entailed a five-day odyssey from China to Miami, Florida. After they were rescued, they had been put into crates, ready to take them to their new homes, where they would finally taste what freedom feels like. All twenty of them are lucky to find new families prepared to provide them with better livelihoods, ensure they are out of harm, and see a different but better side of humanity.

The person of the hour who made this possible for the dogs was non-other than Kristine Minerva. She was in charge of the rescue mission of this lovely group of Canines, where she spearheaded the mission in conjunction with Golden Rescue, South Florida. She was fully prepared to do her best and ensure that her actions bore fruits by rescuing all these dogs and ensuring that each had found themselves a perfect home, where they would be far from finding themselves in the slaughterhouses. After saving the dogs, Minerva expressed how happy she felt when she stated, “I had a dream, and it became a reality yesterday. “It was like, ‘somebody pinch me.’”

They, twenty of them, managed to be in the US just in time for Christmas. The rescue mission was prompted by a request for help by an Oregon animal rescue organization on Instagram. The post expounded more on the need for help given that animals were not getting enough protection in china and needed to have one person who would offer and aid in rescuing them. As a result, Minerva heard the plea. With her partners, she embarked on a journey and a mission to ensure that she is at the forefront of fighting for animal rights and ensuring that they secured a suitable living environment. Accordion to her,  there was a need for further rescues to step in and assist as a way of helping meet the sustainable solutions that would help the dogs get rescued and have a better living. They also wanted someone to help reduce the dangers posed to the dogs, given that they were in severe conditions and could easily face the knife or be thrown out to the cold streets of China. First, Minerva brought the idea of being at the forefront of rescuing the dogs to Golden Rescue, South Florida. Her appeal was heard, and she was tasked with the rescue mission to head to China, where he would help rescue the dogs. Before embarking on the journey, she had to undertake a hundred pages of paperwork and hours of planning. She was finally ready to fly the animals into Miami International Airport. They were flown from Beijing to Taiwan and then later to Miami, where they would meet their adopters.

There is a history of the Dog & Cat Meat Trade in China, where millions of dogs and cats are slaughtered for meat every year. This is given the fact that dog eating in China is widespread. There is also evidence of harsh treatment of the animals in terms of transportation and the inhuman slaughter methods these innocent dogs and cats suffer. There have been many cases of dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes getting snatched from the streets and forced into tiny cages. They are then transported to vast distances, without water or food, to their meat markets. Therefore the rescue plan by Minerva was a breakthrough where she intended to ensure that she had rescued the dogs that were on the verge of facing severe mistreatment and taken to either the meat markets or left in dire conditions on the streets.

The rescue mission was never a smooth journey. This is given the fact that there was a mechanical issue with the flight. The flight was delayed for around 50 hours in Taiwan. This was a long time for the dogs to stay caged and unattended, which as a result, prompted the involvement of the Taiwan SPCA and PETA. This is since the animals would need water and food and had to be evaluated given the long hours of flight and the transportation logistics. Eventually, they were approved to be monitored and given water and food during the wait. However, they could not be released from their crates. This delay led to dogs being covered in their waste, proving how complex the journey was and what had to be done to ensure that the dogs were rescued from an otherwise worse situation.

Fortunately, after their arrival, they had a new adopted parent and family, where they were taken to their forever homes. This was after a good cleaning and health evaluation. Many of the dogs arrived in good shape regardless of the situation they had been in.

They then reached their unknown destination, where they heard the door creaking once more. They were met by a warm outside, which is different from what they are used to. They then were greeted by dozens of tall people, who embraced them in open arms. This is very unusual, where they are used to roaming in the streets and walking past everyone since no one cares for them. They experience love for the first time in their life and can feel the touch of a new environment. Barely do they know that this is the genesis of a new life. They get fed and bathed together, where they meet more people. Later, they go their separate way to a new family, where they will get a new home, new names, and a new lifestyle. There is no longer the Twenty, but each go separately,   as a Golden Retriever, a percentage of the many dogs backed in China who are unsure of what will happen to them in the near future.

According to Minerva, the success in the rescue mission inspired her and Golden Rescue to undertake more other missions and save even more Chinese Golden Retrievers and is open to any help or any form for future missions. According to her, the donations and adopters have helped her further the energy and motivation to undertake such projects and safeguard the lives of these Chinese golden retrievers. The adoption processes are relatively affordable; where they start from $1000, which covers about half of the cost of the mission. The other half of the mission is covered by fundraising and donations, which play a massive role in the success of the missions.

Regardless of the mission’s success, Minerva has been faced multiple challenges and drawbacks. A significant challenge she has faced is finding homes for the dogs. This is since they do not come from an ordinary adoption facility or breeder. Therefore, after the dogs arrive, it takes hustle to meet the most suitable adopting family and hence may cost more to have the dogs until they can finally settle down nicely.   Minerva says that she does not think many people are conversant with what happens in rescuing a dog and bringing them to the country. According to her, this is not a normal smooth process, but instead saving a dog from a traumatic experience and situation. It’s not a typical owner surrender.

The dogs have never been in a home and have all their lives been in the streets, with no one ever showing them love. Therefore, it may take them longer to evolve and get out of their quiet zone. Some of the dogs may be frightened and timid. This means that the adopters will need to be conversant with such issues to give the dogs time to adapt and feel comfortable around them. This is also a challenge since many families may be afraid of adopting such dogs because they are unaware of how the process may end up. However, many families have accepted rescuing the Golden Retrievers, where they have ensured that the dogs are well taken care of and feel at home and can get over their apt painful experiences in the streets.

Minerva urges anyone interested to reach out to her through her email address or phone contacts to be part of the mission. Contacting Golden Rescue South Florida through their social media platforms can also be another way of being part of the rescue mission process. This is a great initiative that will help ensure that dogs are provided with better living situations and are taken into families that can take care of them, without having them sent to the meat stores or roaming in the streets with no one taking care of them. It costs a minimum of $2,600 to bring each dog over. The fundraising event for the rescue mission generated around $60,000. This is proof of the high magnitude of the rescue mission, which has ensured that despite the number of dogs rescued, more can be done to help save a more significant number in the coming years.

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