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The theme of death in the book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Fault in Our Stars by Jon Green is a sad and educative book that dwells on the issue of two patients suffering from cancer, and who know that they do not have a long time to live. One of the major themes of the book is “death”, and what happens after oblivion.  From the book, it is evident that one of the scariest and worrying things that everyone has to go through is awaiting death, due to the fear of the unknown. The book comprehensively analyzes what goes on in one’s mind, with Hazel and Augustus being the main characters of the novel, where they both have cancer and have the fear that they might soon succumb to the illness.  The two are forced to confront death in a way that is not normal for young and healthy. Hazel is critically ill and knows that she cannot avoid death. She then meets Augustus who at first thought is safe, but then his condition started deteriorating. They both hence live in the fear of death.  Although everyone will eventually die, dying at a younger age and due to a terminal illness, such as cancer can be terrifying, meaning that one cannot avoid considering what becomes after death.

Hazel and August, in their support group both, agree that everyone will eventually die.  This is given the fact that they were both diagnosed with Cancer, and Hazel had been given only a little period to survive. The two mainly did not fear but death, but rather the thought of what would after they died.  When asked by Patrick the proprietor of the support group, about his main fears, Augustus categorically claims that his major fear is oblivion, and what happens after one dies (Green 12).  He is supported by Hazel, who before never engaged much in the group.   From the support discussion group, it is hence evident that many people who are suffering from severe illnesses have a lot in their minds, with their biggest worry being about the fear of what would happen after they died.

A major part of the theme of life after oblivion is about what legacy one would leave after his or her death.  Augustus feels that before dying one needs to do something that he/she would be remembered for.   He is of the view that if one did not do a memorable thing, then he would be barely remembered and that his name would get lost (Green 287). Many people facing death, have similar thoughts and tend to be worried about the legacy they would leave after they are gone, just like the case of Augustus.  The worry about what legacy one leaves is evidence of why people are worried about dying, since they may have wanted to create a major positive impact on others, and left the world a better place, before dying (Green 168).  This is an issue that disturbs a lot of people since everyone at some point washes to leave something behind that they would be remembered for.

Fear of leaving other people behind is also another major issue addressed on this theme of death. Hazel’s main fear is what would happen to her family and friends, more so her mother. She feels that her death would break her relationships, and leave others sad.  Hazel could notice how sad her mother was, and was worried about how she would be able to move on after she died (Green).   Her mother also fears that when Hazel dies, then she would no longer be able to be a mother again.  This leads to Hazel investigating what happened to Anna’s mother, a character in a book she had read, to be able to have an in-depth understanding of the feelings of those who are left behind by the Cancer victims. This would help her have a better comprehension of the life of families and friends who get left behind after one dies.  However, she becomes happier after learning that her parents would be able to move on with their lives, after discovering that her mother has been taking classes to become a social worker.


Life after death is a major concern for any patient with a severe illness, where each one worries about what might happen once one dies. The main issues addressed by the novel include, what happens after one dies, what legacy will one leave behind, and what would happen to those left behind. The Fault in Our Stars by Jon Green exhaustively expounds on the theme of death, and life after oblivion. It gives the reader a deeper understanding of not just cancer patients, but also other humans who may have deeper thoughts about life after death to give them a more in-depth comprehension of what others think and believe.



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