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The SOLA approach focuses on the outcome of the joint efforts of the department of social science, the university of Tempera, the National Institute for Health and Welfare (NIHW), and the University of Eastern Finland. In the creation of the SOLA approach, the main objective aimed at addressing the clarification of the concept of social stability as it relates to the quality of life and social condition (Pieper, Karvonen & Vaarama 2019).

Social sustainability entails the process utilized in the creation of sustainable success aimed at the promotion of the wellbeing within the society. It functions through fostering understanding of what society requires from their places of habitat and work environment. It relies on the identification and management of both the positive and negative effects that business ventures have on the people. The social sustainability of the business organizations is essential in the enhancement of the quality of a company with relations to its engagement with the stakeholders.

The SOLA approach is essential in the provision of the needed clarification for society.  The sola approach promotes social sustainability through the provision of efficient ways of conceptualizing the affective states of affaire of the community that is viewed as requiring sustainability. The solar approach is essential in the provision of social sustainability as it facilitates the provision of necessary and practical instruments of social indicators used in fostering social sustainability (Pieper, Karvonen & Vaarama, 2019). It facilitates social sustainability as it aims at providing a conceptual bridge between the sciences that shape society. In essence, it provides a connection between the various level of complexities that affect society. It does this through the provision of a significantly general abstract framework.




Pieper, R., Karvonen, S., & Vaarama, M. (2019). The SOLA Model: A Theory-Based Approach to Social Quality and Social Sustainability. Social Indicators Research146(3), 553-580.

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