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The Skinny on Obesity Assignment | Online Homework Help

Episode one focuses on how people have gotten so fat over the years with so many obese people worldwide.  The majority of people have become overweight, making this a public health problem that affects everyone. Therefore, this has brought the need to look to external environmental forces beyond individual responsibility shaped obesity. Different hypotheses of calories, fast foods, and individualized factors (habits) have impacted obesity.

Episode 2 has illustrated how the overabundance of sugar in the current food processing practices has caused damage to body organs such as the liver and changed the sugars’ body metabolism. Glucose is sugar metabolized by all organs of the body. Processed foods have had extra sugars that are toxic for metabolism. Processed foods and excess sugars to taste good have created a toxic environment and obesity epidemic.

Episode 3 has focused on hunger, hormones, and the vicious cycle. The episode has explained how sugars affect the brain and how the biochemical shifts making individuals store fat and feel hungry often. Relatively, increased calories have been linked to chronic metabolic illnesses. Leptin resistance has been the main cause of obesity in the human body.

Episode 4 has explained the cycle of sugar addiction and how it has affected the human body. Leptin and the reward system have been the main cause of obesity since it causes the brain to starve while the body is obese. Sugar has led to a sweet addiction that has led to obesity due to its influence on the brain.

Episode 5 has paid attention to the alarming trend of obesity in infants and how it can be passed from the mother to the fetus. The baby’s insulin before they are born impacts how much fat they lay down. On the other hand, the mother’s diet influences the baby’s insulin. Therefore, there is a need to focus on pre-natal and preventive health since it determines the future generation.

Episode 6 has argued that modern life has been the main contributor to the current obesity pandemic. High stress has influenced obesity since it shifts behavior, appetite, stimulate eating, and general obesity. Stress is connected to obesity since stressed people tend to choose high sweet and high-fat foods in fast-food life. This episode emphasizes changing individual relationships with food.

Episode 7 has offered a direct indictment that the country’s food industry and agricultural policy have made it almost impossible to avoid sugar consumption in the daily diet. There is a need for food policy changes to prevent exposure to obesity since changes in mass behavioral change will benefit society.


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