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The Role of Infantry in Medieval Warfare

In medieval warfare, the infantry played an important role as the main combat force during the war. Military groups relied heavily on the infantry to defend the country at war. Medieval warfare was an exciting historical period that can be simulated to the multiple hostilies that took place in the middle ages. At war, the infantry engaged the enemies in close range while other military formations such as the archers and calvary drove them away and attacked the enemy to neutralize their impact. Hence, the infantry was highly recommended because it was a cheaper option than the cavalry was, and they could be deployed in any combat ground..

Some of the roles executed by the infantry included engaging the enemy to neutralize the imminent threat, capture and repel enemy forces. Importantly, the iInfantry would hold the enemy while the archers attacked them and the Calvary beat them. This tactic was so common in medieval warfare to achieve success (Carey, Allfree & Cairns,2006). The infantry’s role was to destroy the enemies and respond to specific calls for help when other units is in danger. Therefore, the infantry played the most crucial part in defending the country in times of war.

Changes in technology helped the infantry become more dominant during medieval warfare. The transition of technology and tactics yielded imminent success during the war. Additionally, the infantry used the crossbow because it was capable of killing most of the feared warriors. Besides, the infantry was a cheaper option compared to the warhorses. The crossbow challenged the elite’s dominance. However, the Swiss won the war because of their ability to use pikemen. For this reason, the modern Infantry regiment that the Swiss created, which included the pike square tactic, proved successful in defeating even armored men-at-arms.




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