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The Roaring 20’s | Cheap Essay Help

The 1920’s saw a lot of changes to the American lives. The period was loaded with the innovation of new machines and vast changes in the American culture hence the name “roaring 20’s.” (Khan Academy, N.d) Soldiers had returned from the world war and had seen the different cultures. They wanted to try out the new cultures, which they did. Women had seen the cultures where they had more freedom. During this period, more women began smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol publicly with men. Women dressing changed from loose clothes to tighter, shorter and more revealing clothes. More women began working away from their homes. More importantly, women were given the right to vote after the 19th amendment of the constitution.

The roaring 20’s saw the invention of new machines. The automobile was created during the period, giving Americans a chance to explore and travel more. The washing machine was also developed enabling women to leave their homes and work outside. The radio was developed too. It brought new ideas to the homes of the citizens. (VOA, 2010) It was also a new beginning for sports since they were broadcasted live, enabling a way larger mass of people to listen. The popularity of sports increased greatly and the players were idolized. Films were produced during this period, most of them portraying the American dream of more freedom and a better life. The economy also rose during this period. People managed to earn enough money for basic needs and have a surplus for entertainment and purchasing additional belongings.

The culture shifted from a traditional culture to a more urban, multi-ethnic, and urban culture. The moral values changed with the more freedom generated through the period, some considered them good while others considered them decayed and undesirable. The results were a thinly veiled cultural civil war. The impact of the changes to the current American citizen are visible till date.

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