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The Power of the Mind | Comparative Analysis Essay

Making informed decisions is an attribute associated with the mind because of the desire to overcome problems affecting people’s lifestyles. At any given time, the public is exposed to a series of issues that hinder them from accomplishing their desired techniques. Although the modern generation can incorporate innovations such as technology to predict the future, the ability of an individual to establish the right approaches is influenced by their thought process. In this case, comparing two scholarly articles that address the power of the mind will illuminate existing methods and their ability to make informed decisions at any given time. Likewise, the conditions that slow down the process of making decisions is controlled by the desire to emerge victorious in the contemporary world and overcome issues that hinder people from realizing their expected results. In the world today, mental problems have become more prevalent, as people strive to contribute to the achievement of their overall body goals. For this reason, the power of the mind defines the approaches used by individuals to connect with other people and make informed decisions that focus on solving problems affecting their lifestyles.

Thematic Context

Austad and Gendron believe that the overall health of an individual interferes with the functionality of the brain, causing damages that affect the ability of an individual to make informed decisions. By taking an objective approach that highlights the issues affecting a person’s health, the scholars anticipate to inform the public and mold their thought process to overcome the problems that contribute to their functionality. Importantly, the study aligns its objectives with the state of American health care and the steps that have been put in place by the government to enable individuals to overcome mental health problems. Over the years, mental health issues have become prevalent because of a wide range of causes that interfere with the perspectives of individuals towards life. Austad and Gendron (264) present Biofeedback, an innovative solution that improves the relationship between the mind and the body during the treatment process. Although its focus does not highlight the power of the brain, it paints an exciting context that shapes the perspectives of individuals towards the power of the mind. Understanding the importance of mental health has prompted many employers to create recreational facilities in the workplace that enable employees to enjoy relief after a stressful day of work. From this realization, progressive corporations accomplish many milestones that would have been impossible without the intervention of the company leadership.

In the world today, one can encounter different problems that affect his or her ability to make informed decisions. Based on the approaches that one can use in their immediate environment, the power of the mind is manifested through the willingness of an individual to change their beliefs and accommodate the views expressed by other people. Importantly, changing one’s beliefs allows them to learn and align their interests with the dynamic ecosystem that defines humanity. Although the public is set to learn aspects beyond their comprehension, individuals are expected to realize the opportunities that can be used to catapult their efforts to success. In both articles, the power of the mind has been highlighted as an unforeseen force that shapes people’s roles and defines their approaches when developing solutions for their problems. Becoming passionate about learning exposes individuals to an enabling environment where individuals can overcome issues affecting them in their immediate environment. Thus, attaining a certain level of discipline demonstrates the opportunities one can benefit from by altering their attitude and embracing a focused lifestyle that differentiates one from other people.

Rhetorical Analysis

Austad and Gendron explore the subject from an informative perspective that seeks to present facts and other aspects of interaction to overcome issues in their immediate environment. For instance, their approach towards the power of the mind aims at challenging the scope of individuals towards life. By developing an emotional appeal, Austad and Gendron invoke sympathy from their target audience, an element that demonstrates their ability to use pathos to convince their readers. In exploring their pathos, readers will identify the efforts used by the authors to convince them about various issues affecting their focus towards life. Likewise, Austad and Gendron use logic to support their arguments, a component that is crucial in research. Logos play an essential role in influencing the public. As such, corporate leaders should be focused on creating products and services that satisfy the changing needs of individuals in their immediate environment. Even though the research objectives are tied to demonstrating the power of the mind, the researchers deploy various approaches that convince individuals about the need to provoke the thought process of individuals. Exploring the concepts used by the authors in the study creates an enabling environment for people to engage in a conversation regarding the best approaches one can use to overcome challenges in their lives.

On their part, Hsueh, Miriam, and Thomas rely on a simplistic approach that highlights the way entrepreneurs can explore their minds to develop innovative products and services. At any given time, individuals are well informed about various aspects that can be used to help them solve their problems. From this observation, individuals are cautious about the techniques they should use when convincing individuals about their preferred aspects of life. By using pathos and logos, Hsueh, Miriam, and Thomas convince their target audience and enable them to understand the tenets of entrepreneurship by sharing other people’s experience in the corporate world. In the same vein, the approaches used by these scholars display a certain level of understanding that plays a significant role in understanding the functionality of the brain. Although individuals might not be aware of the power of their mind, exercising it reveals certain aspects that can be used to develop innovative and creative outcomes. Provided an individual has a fixed mindset before exploring a literary material, authors cannot convince them regarding their preferred topics of study. Logos provide a reason for a target audience and demonstrate the ability of a researcher to align their interests with the desire to achieve a certain level of credibility above his or her peers.

Resolution of Perspectives

When creating solutions in the modern corporate world, individuals are evaluated by their ability to develop creative outcomes that improve the consumer’s quality of life. In many instances, individuals are supposed to overcome problems that hinder them from achieving their growth and other aspects of development. Issues such as mental health problems hinder the public from realizing their desired objectives and creating innovative products that change the world. From this observation, many people are now concerned about the state of mind and its ability to influence the thought process. Likewise, individuals are expected to make informed decisions that trigger positive outcomes, which can be used to discover the expected results. Looking at the corporate world today, many organizations have been compelled to create an enabling environment that understands the changing needs of individuals and their ability to overcome issues affecting other people’s lifestyles.

Many scholars have developed compelling information that highlights the impact of having a healthy mind that visualizes situations and generates appropriate responses for every challenge that occurs in the business environment. On many occasions, company managers are supposed to develop interventions that address issues taking place in the modern world. Hsueh, Miriam, and Thomas (17041) explore the impact of having a healthy mind in the workplace. Many entrepreneurs who are risk-takers are equipped to be successful because of their ability to explore areas that other people are afraid of investing. Importantly, the ability of individuals to develop an interesting perspective that leads to the development of innovative solutions affects the overall state of mind because of the work-related stress that slows down productivity. From this perspective, the modern corporate world is slowly embracing the need to inform its employees about mental health and its contribution to achieving the overall productivity in the business environment.

Conclusion and Directions

The power of the mind defines the approaches used by individuals to connect with other people and make informed decisions that focus on solving problems affecting their lifestyles. In this regard, companies are supposed to assess their roles in the business environment and create innovative products that accommodate the changing needs of consumers. Without input from employees, it becomes a challenge for organizations to accomplish their desired objectives in the business environment. By solving and addressing mental health in the workplace, organizations can achieve a competitive status in the market that enhances the level of interactions between companies and their target audience.

Going forward, organizations should develop policies that evaluate the mental health status of employees in the work environment. Subsequent research studies on this topic should explore the inability of individuals to make informed decisions after experiencing a series of problems affecting their lifestyles. Given the impact of social problems on people’s lives, individuals should use their mind to develop innovative solutions that improve outcomes in their surroundings. Over the years, aspects such as depression have been highlighted as critical problems that hinder individuals from accomplishing their expected results. By creating an enabling environment where employees can realize their career objectives, organizations will succeed in their attempts to solve people’s problems.

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