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The Power of the Mind in Popular Culture | Leading Homework Help Website

Today, people are defined by their ability to meet certain standards that appeal to the outside world. Depending on their willingness to comply with the preferred setting, one is confined to an environment where they cannot challenge the social standards. From this realization, the mind of an individual adjusts to the conditions by complying with the expected behavior or challenging the views of the majority. Many outliers experience different problems before moving into place to define the problems hindering the public from discovering their potential. By examining the approaches taken by many institutions affiliated to the government, the focus is usually to solve problems through the development of viable solutions. When these institutions fail to achieve their expected objectives, it becomes impossible for them to convince the public on their ability to address the issues. For this reason, problematic relationships in the world today are caused by the inability of individuals to pursue viable channels that highlight the options, which can be explored in the contemporary world.


People are what they Consume

Over the years, people have been urged to embrace healthy eating habits because of the consequences associated with the consumption of processed food products. In this regard, the mind is conditioned to perceive unhealthy foods as a perfect alternative for organic foods, especially during a hard day of work. Given the fact that it might be costly and time consuming for an individual to identify an outlet that serves fast organic foods, they opt for the easily available junk with the hope of living healthy. Importantly, the consumption of junk food products is associated with different lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, which continue to claim people’s lives (Hsueh, Bird, & Zellweger, 2018). By analyzing these outcomes, individuals develop a negative attitude for organic foods because of their unappealing nature that compels them to opt for junk. Looking at this instance, the power of the mind compels many people to believe that they can still lead a healthy life by consuming junk and increasing their workout sessions.

Alternatively, the emergence of social media and the internet has exposed individuals to a new world where they can accomplish a wide range of objectives by socializing with strangers online. Currently, fake news is a term that has been misinterpreted by many individuals because of the inability of the opposing party to accept their version of the truth. During the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections, President Trump faulted CNN over their fake news coverage, which tainted his campaign progress. However, Fox News advanced a similar tactic, making it a murky affair for both campaign teams. From this perspective, analyzing the general views of the populace would reveal a significant division fueled by the information available on the internet (Tingley, 2017). Consuming information has a significant impact on the perspectives of individuals towards life because of its ability to shape their opinions on topical issues. Hence, influencing the perspectives of individuals requires one to corrupt their sources of information to accomplish their desired objectives.

During the Brexit vote, many voters were not aware of the issues that prompted the decision to break from the European Union (EU). Even though there was an imminent pressure to cast the vote, many British citizens failed to understand the crucial components of the Brexit vote and its impact on the country’s economic growth and development. Concerns began emerging immediately after the UK won the vote to leave the EU, revealing approaches that can be explored by the political class to mislead the populace. Notably, the use of propaganda machinery through Facebook, a popular social platform, contributed to the Brexit vote, which now has a significant impact on the UK’s trade relations with other EU players. If the UK citizenry was not exposed to Facebook propaganda, the country would have made decisions that resonate with their needs.


The Real Harm

While people are now fixated on the media houses that propagate fake news and propaganda, tricksters are continuously developing new tactics to mislead the public after being deployed. Currently, access to online information has now become easier than before, a move that threatens children and other underage subjects in their immediate environment (Austad & Gendron, 2018). Although parents are utilizing the control tools that limit children from accessing adult content, there is a need to observe the issues, which may affect the overall perspectives of the subsequent generations in their childhood phase. However, due to their involving career options, children might maneuver and find their access to the restricted content. Training a group of knowledgeable young people requires instructors to focus beyond the regular approaches used to contain their curiosity.

The popular culture has found a way to make evil practices appealing, to an extent that one is sidelined for not being part of a drug-consuming youth group. In this regard, adolescents are consistently seeking acceptance in their circle, a move that exposes them to peer pressure. Given the fact that the modern world is focused on solving issues such as cybercrime among others, the real harm lies in what is being fed to young people (Leistyna, 2019). Unlike adults who can make informed decisions when confronted with an issue, young people are easily lured into activities that can yield instant success. This way, the power of the mind is used to exploit young people in popular culture because of their vulnerable status.



Problematic relationships in the world today are caused by the inability of individuals to pursue viable channels that highlight the options, which can be explored in the contemporary world. Understanding the functionality of the mind requires one to explore various approaches that can be used to influence the perspectives of individuals regarding social issues. Likewise, people are easily convinced by using their version of the truth, which might be false and misleading. Sometimes, the truth is uncomfortable, a move that compels individuals to lie and embrace false information. While organic food products are healthy, many individuals discredit them by criticizing their unappealing nature, which hinders them from embracing healthy eating habits. From this observation, the public expects policymakers to highlight aspects that challenge their views towards life among other issues affecting their lifestyles.

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