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The Politics of Education Homework | Assignment Writers Website

Part 1: Providing Context

The quality of education being offered today has become a topical issue, with many individuals expressing their displeasure over the approaches being used by learning institutions to connect with the students. Usually, instructors are supposed to have a personal connection with learners that goes beyond the expected code of conduct in the classroom. By creating a healthy relationship with students, instructors can overcome any challenges that hinder the growth and development of individuals during their formative stages. Likewise, one can accomplish numerous aspects that contribute to the ability of individuals to learn and exercise their potential with the hope of becoming better individuals in their adulthood. Importantly, the conversations around the quality of education being offered today can be distracting because of the different interests held by the critics. Importantly, one can easily circumvent the rules of existence and other issues that contribute to the realization of desired objectives.

Relevant authorities in the education sector should liaise with policymakers to develop programs that enable learners to accomplish their career goals. Importantly, instructors should play their roles and would allow individuals to overcome issues that hinder them from reaching their goals. Likewise, the approaches used by individuals to focus on the growth of individuals should be determined by the suitable strategies that can be introduced in the corporate world (Ecclestone and Daniel 180). When tutors use practical examples to demonstrate the missing links in the job market, students can become creative and develop products that address the issues affecting individual lifestyles. In the same vein, when students become knowledgeable in the process of solving problems, they encounter minimal issues because of their ability to overcome challenges threatening their contribution to global economic growth and development.

Part 2: Describing Particulars

Addressing instructors requires scholars to develop an approach that identifies a problem and provides viable solutions, which can be applied in the modern world. Overcoming issues affecting individuals in their immediate environment needs one to have a concrete plan that can be used to settle problems and create scenarios, which improve the situation. In this case, policymakers in the education sector should be challenged to identify any viable programs that have been tailored to suit the changing needs of learners. In the age of information technology, learning institutions are expected to align their interests with the changing times. Even though the introduction of aspects such as the internet in the learning environment has given rise to positive outcomes, instructors should be tasked to understand the approaches that individuals should use to handle their varying responses. Creating an enabling environment where conversations can be held regarding the quality of education in the U.S. and beyond enables the public to understand the efforts of the government in restoring order in the sector.

Corporate managers and employers should be engaged to identify their expectations concerning the quality of employees they need. Mainly, corporations’ interview prospective employees with the hope of achieving specific objectives. Creating an enabling environment where learning institutions and companies can interact to address the high rates of unemployment among young people is a viable aspect that can yield positive outcomes. Conducting this research will require me to use a qualitative approach that will analyze the feedback from the participants and engage them from a personal level to understand the strategies they should use to overcome the problems (Garritzmann and Kilian 520). Using questionnaires will eliminate the bias that undermines the quality and credibility of the findings acquired from this study. Therefore, creating a perfect situation where individuals are aware of the issues taking place in the education sector acts as an essential starting point for the realization of change.

Part 3: Explaining Significance

Conducting this research is vital because of the need of various stakeholders in the education sector to understand the approaches they can use when interacting with students. Importantly, learners have their needs that are distinguished by their growth and development because of the variance that occurs among different children. Likewise, individuals can understand the nature of approaches that can be used to overcome issues bordering on the growth and development of students in their immediate environment. From this realization, the public learns about the different needs of learners and adopt mechanisms that improve their relations with the learners.

I believe this research will complement existing resources that demonstrate the importance of introducing approaches, which improve the learning experience of students. Despite the efforts of instructors in the classrooms, parents also have a role that will be discussed in this study. Exploring opportunities that can be realized in the business environment allows individuals to overcome issues, which complement the perspectives of individuals towards life. Likewise, the public can be engaged in various aspects that contribute to the growth and development of their students with the hope of becoming responsible citizens in their immediate environment.

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