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The Obesity Crisis Essay | College Homework Help Online

Medical professionals play an essential role in facilitating the healing process and maintaining better health standards. Obesity problem elicits profound arguments and concerns which the medical professionals have emphasized over the past decades. The medical professionals emphasize on the value of checking the individuals’ weight by evaluating their food contents and consumption habits. The essay proposes key arguments that support the initiative. Also, for an efficient discussion, the essay evaluates an alternative approach for solving the obesity crisis within the society. Providing societal solutions to obesity crisis is vital in building a well-informed and long-lived solution to the obesity crisis. The conclusion holds the medical professionals as an integral part to achieving positive results in obesity problem and management.

The Obesity Crisis

Medical professionals should play a lead role in providing a solution to the obesity problem as they act as key advisers and experts in the field. Medical professionals possess extensive knowledge and expertise on the matter, making them best suited to solve the problem. Also, over the years of professional conduct, these individuals have dealt with a myriad number of cases. As Dr. Tabitha Randell argues, she has had encounters with parents who think that their children’s problem is associated with a glad causing weight issues while the core problem lies in controlling the food intake (Obesity file Document 4). Medical professions experience and education make them effective consultants in matters of obesity with the capacity to scrutinize the problem to the root cause and provide solutions. BMI is used frequently used the key measure for obesity (Obesity file Document 6). The massive experience induces vast knowledge and know-how which has been effective in resolving key problems. The experience has been built through years of working in the profession and close monitoring of the situations. Moreover, medical practitioners handle obesity cases and its related problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, among other chronic diseases. Dr. Matthew makes legislative proposals on how to treat obesity cases in society on equal measures as malnutrition. The proposals are based on past knowledge and insights acquired – to determine what can be effective in enhancing the current measures to resolving the obesity problem. Thus, medical professionals impact positively on a myriad of areas that affect the health of individuals in the society.

The counter-arguments to the view that obesity possesses an enormous problem on the society attracts dissenting views towards the prevalence of the issues. Firstly, a large number of professionals view the “greatest threat to the Western economic prosperity as the ageing population” (Obesity file Document 2). This posits a lack of importance and value for medical professionals to take a lead role. While the ageing population is a factor, nurturing a healthy young generation is crucial for the sustenance of economic prosperity (Obesity file Document 1). The fact that a third of the nation’s children as low as 11 years old are obese is a worrying trend. Secondly, some arguments purport that “valuing thinness over fatness is a cultural bias” (Obesity file Document 3). The involvement of the medical professionals in the lead role for research and proper hypothesizing of their studies is vital in eliminating the increased bias and stigma against fat people. They should also provide recommendations to the government to enhance formulation of policies (Obesity file Document 5). The prevalence of bias and stigma against fat people has been a major outcome as they are the most affected. Solutions are targeted towards providing fat people with an alternative to a better and healthy life. Thirdly, medical professional’s commitment to “prove that being fat is unhealthy, rather than interpreting the data to mean that very-low-calorie diets are unhealthy” (Obesity file Document 3), questions their objectiveness on the matter.


To sum up, the paper evaluates the value and significance of medical professionals in taking a lead role in resolving the obesity problem within society. The medical professionals are well armed with the capacity to conduct extensive research and studies to address the issue of obesity. Also, they possess years of experience, giving them vast knowledge and understanding of the problem. As well, they possess the understanding of critical diseases associated with weight problems and ways to mitigate the escalation of the problem to unsustainable levels. Furthermore, medical professionals serve as best consultants and advisers to governments, companies, communities, and individuals – as they possess the necessary credibility to offer a solution to the obesity challenge.

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