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The National Council on Family Relation Paper | Homework Writers

The non-profit human service organizations are an essential part of the social security net and policy segments, for instance, social/political growth and communal care. Founded in 1938, The National Council on Family Relations is considered to be the oldest non-profit, non-partisan, multidisciplinary expert association dedicated exclusively to family research, practice, and training. NCFR members are steadfast in comprehending and consolidating families. Members of the council are drawn from more than 35 nations and all 50 states in the United States (Allen, 2016). They comprise of scholars, experts, and learners in family science, family life education, human growth, matrimonial and family rehabilitation, sociology, psychology, anthropology, social work, theology, child growth, and health. Members are engaged in research, college training and education, program development, psychotherapy, and human services.

Organizational Political and Social Landscape

Within the 50 states in America, the political landscape provides non-partisan research and educational, informational policymakers or individuals seeking to collaborate. From a treatment standpoint of the political landscape, services executed by the council include publication of findings, theory and programs, provision of professional guidance, counselling and therapy, all of which function collaboratively to provide individuals with the essential mutual support that is sustaining all through the course life. Well-articulated family policies empower members of a family to execute functions and attain individual and family needs (Poehlmann-Tynan & Arditti, 2018). The policies offer resources and assist in creating an atmosphere that prevents or amend societal conditions that have a detrimental impact on familial competence. Policy-oriented, applied and basic research on families may assist in identifying the elements of public policy, communal and familial conditions warranting actions to safeguard households and people.

The social landscape of the council emphasizes on individuals and families as a whole. Members of a family can efficiently execute their functions when the fundamental social, psychological, physical, spiritual and economic needs are attained. For instance, young kids grow into competent, productive, adored and adoring grown-ups with committed and unrelenting parenting. The latter stages of life are considered extra effective and gratifying when households are provided with resources to offer care and support when required. Robust families offer dedication, safety, and intimacy to every member and should be backed in caregiving roles throughout their lives. Society is known to have a substantial impact on families. As a result, policy makers must acknowledge the reciprocal impacts that families and communities may have on each other.

Forces that Impact Human Service Organization

Even for those that desire to work in a career that helps others, such as the National Council on Family relations, the appeal of improved pay in other segments may be challenging to evade. In this kind of setting, locating competent employees may prove to be quite challenging. On the other hand, maintaining the right personnel may also be a challenging task. Working in the human services division, particularly within the familial segment, may lead to “compassion fatigue.” Therefore, this means that the emotionally draining nature amongst human service personnel may result in burnout.

Funding is frequently considered a challenge for numerous individuals in the human services division. Persons serving within a private corporation’s altruistic arm are typically the most privileged. Nonetheless, most human service managers are engaged in non-profitable acts, federal and local administrations, and religious groups that offer personal and familial services. Funds originating from the government may be unpredictable founded on the strategies developed by the policymakers, which may alter with every election period (DeGroot, 2016).ย  Alterations in tax regulations and the total amount of money that persons may withhold for altruistic contributions may significantly impact non-profitable deeds.

Over the years, tight financial plans have led to a lack of investment in new technological advancements in the provision of human services agencies. Therefore, individuals engaged in the industry have fallen behind private corporations and administrative agencies concerning the acceptance of technology. ย This is an emergent challenge that would continue to be one of the most perplexing human service managers and workers would experience in future. Investing in technology would assist human service organizations would enhance the delivery of services at the National Council on Family Relations. Therefore, technology is an essential catalyst for transformation, growth, and competence.

Leadership Challenges Related to Internal or External Forces

According to Mosley and Smith (2018), aligning the cause’s undertaking with the strategies and resources is crucial to avoid tumbling into the “ends substantiate the means” deception. When the three aspects are efficiently balanced, a non-profit organization can retain a distinctive sense of its ideologies that have practical repercussions. Regarding money, overpowering this hindrance may entail ascertaining the most effective modes of generating income for a particular cause. Personal contributions constitute a substantial portion of most organizations’ revenue. Nonetheless, this model may not be deemed suitable for each entity. Comprehending the right resourcing model for a specific mission will assist in rapidly achieving outcomes and with minimal hindrances.

Another challenge involves balancing personal interests and the common good. It may seem indisputable to determine that operating a non-profit is all about the better good and not for individual gains. On the other hand, numerous non-profit initiators might face one exclusive problem; the organization is not considered personal property.ย  It is a representation of society and is entirely liable to it. Therefore, the council’s leadership should highlight the programs and services it provides that are most practical in tackling the several aspects surrounding familial and societal elements.

Improving Leadership Ability to Respond

To manage the challenge leadership faces with aligning and upholding the council’s task, the commendation would necessitate the administration setting candid, multidirectional communication principles and ethical objectives for themselves and their personnel. This also involves offering honest and well-timed feedback to allow workers to increase their level of performance (Hasmath Hildebrandt & Hsu, 2019).ย  The council comprises both paid personnel and volunteers who collaborate to sustain the council’s undertaking. Second, to resolve monetary apprehensions, non-profit leaders may continue to approach policymakers to guarantee that no strategies are enacted that may harm them. Leaders need to initiate and launch modern and economical technologies developed to tackle the scarcity of improved technology. They would enhance performance, increase task managing, streamline reporting, and preserve incessant contact.


The National Council on Family Relations is a non-partisan, multidisciplinary specialized association solely focused on family research, practice, and training. NCFR scholars and educators construe and broadcast data regarding families to inform policymakers and other decision-makers regarding the probable impacts of policy on households. Family members can implement their crucial caring tasks when their own elementary social, mental, physical, divine, and economic requirements are being attained. No matter how ostensibly discrete to family life, every public policy should be assessed in terms of their anticipated or inadvertent influences on the functioning of a family. As a result, family policy makers must identify the reciprocal impacts that families and communities have upon each other.

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