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The Myth of Ramayana | Homework Writers Online

The paper explores the myth, Ramayana, and analyzes the character, Rama, to determine his transformation from the beginning of the myth to the end.  Rama, as presented in the myth, is an incarnation of the God, Vishnu. He is the eldest son of Dasharatha, king of Ayodhya. The myth presents him as a virtuous prince who is significantly loved by the people.  However, as a result of the plot of his brother Kaikeyi, he is exiled from Ayodhya. The myth portrays Rama when taking the human form to kill the evil rakshasa Ravana. He manages to conceal his identity to achieve his mission. He also exhibits significant strength and skill in battles. His skills in battles, however, provides a clue to those around him that he is incarnate of Vishnu. He uses the exceptional strength to bend Shiva’s bow, and consequently win the hand of Sita in marriage. He demonstrates his loyalty by asking his father to honor his promise to Kaikeyi and crown his brother Bharatha as king. Despite the fact that the crowd had wanted Rama to be King, he explained to them that his father had decided to Crown his brother (Gupta et al.77). He then returns to the forest with his wife Sita and brother, where he battles demon for 14 years. When the demon, Ravana, kidnaps his wife, he works closely with the monkey, Kiskinda, to rescue her. He demonstrates honor in his fights with the demon by allowing the demon to rest when he was tired or injured. He, however, exhibits significant jealousy when it comes to his wife, Sita.

There are various archetypes exhibited in the myth with regards to the characters and the symbols. The archetypes, as illustrated in the myth, include that Rama responds to the call of adventure. He especially engages in a significant adventure in the process of rescuing his wife. His brother follows him as his mentor and companion. He also receives assistance from a monkey in the course of his adventure. This section reveals the dramatic showdown experienced in the myth. Following the defeat of the devil, Rama returns to his wife. Ravana, in the myth, denotes a demon king of Lank of the current day, Srilanka.  He is represented as having many arms and heads and can pray to the Hindu God.  In the myth, Rama is compared to Hercules, while Ravana compares to Hades. The mythology presents the archetype of Light vs Darkness. These two archetypes class fall in various ideologies. Ravana attempts to exercise his dominance over the region. He does this through the attempt of killing Rama and gaining his powers.

The theme presented in the poem entails the importance of the commitment to doing one’s duty. The character, Rama, is presented as being committed to his duty throughout the stages of his life. Despite being the rightful king of the kingdom, he ensures that his father commits to the promise he made of making his brother the king. When the devil abducted his wife Sita, he commits to his role as his protector and rescues her. The importance of the theme presented in the myth entails that, the true honor of a person is reliant on their ability to commit to their responsibilities. Following the fact that the main character, Rama, managed to commit to his duties and responsibilities, he managed to achieve the required levels of success at the various stages of his life.



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