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The Medieval West and Gender | Do My Homework

There are certain expectations placed on women. From the texts, the father distributes his wealth among his children who were all women. He trusted them to take care of the property, as it was enough to sustain them through their lives. According to the main daughter, Liutberga, from whom this case was based, women have the potential to simultaneously take care of the property and continue being as productive, just as men did. The text also depicts Liutberga as a caring woman who adopts a child and treats her as her own. The caring nature of women portrayed by the woman pays off as she leaves her son at her adopted daughter’s care at the time of her death. The societal expectations of a woman does not please Pizan as she and other women who were her friends were different, better than they were considered. The society believes that women will turn out to be evil once they become educated hence girls are excluded from education.

Pizan reads a lot of literature and finds out that most are abusive to women. She questions why she had to be a woman whereas women are considered inferior in the society. She knows other women but they do not fit the description put by works of literature. The perspective that the society describes them from is different from their personalities and capabilities. When women are given the chance, they produce comparable or better results than men. However, in their society, very few women were given the opportunity to showcase and exploit their capabilities to the society. An example is Novella, a professor’s daughter who was educated and was so good that she could teach in her father’s absence.

The creation of the virtual women is meant to show that women are equal and capable as men are. Women should receive education with no prioritization nor discrimination by their counterparts. The society looks down on women which if converted to having better expectations could lead to more women empowerment and better performance by women. A focused woman can follow her dreams no matter the hardships encountered. They can push themselves hard as displayed by the woman who struggles to go to religious places to follow her faith. Women negotiate their place by outdoing themselves once they get the opportunity as displayed by Novella who learnt until she became so educated that she could stand in for her father, a professor, and teach the class.

Women are equal to men and should not be discriminated by any means. Backward thoughts that women are evil and less than men should stop. Women should also make the most out of the opportunities as currently equality is emphasized in most societies.

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