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The land of Ethics Reading Log | Get Assignment Helpers

Humans and nature ought to strive and strike a symbiotic relationship for acquisition of a sustainable ecology. Humans are charged with the responsibility of taking care of the environment; thus, the relationship between nature and humans should be ethical other than being exploitative (Erdős 85). The human-land relation is strictly economic, with the humans continuously exploiting nature’s gifts that have been offered freely with no obligation to give back. The human relationship with nature is biased on being economically viable rather than of gratitude. That is, when individuals are acquire certain abilities or gift, they should contactly give back by planting more of those gifts.

The second section enlarges the land boundaries to include soil, air, water, plants, and animals. Human nature has viewed plants and animals as of lesser degree in the ecosystem; however, Leopold suggests that humans are merely a part of the ecology equal to plants and animals. The colonization of Mississippi brought about the change in the regions due to their imported plants, which resulted in an unstable ecology. The European conquerors brought weed to the region that was harmful as it did not replenish the land like the indigenous grass.

Environmental conservation is at crossroads with the economic benefits for oneself and community benefits. Humans’ economic self-interest provides for the exploitation of nature for personal gains more than the conservation of nature for posterity. Education on the need to conserve the environment makes no clear guidelines on the obligation of land trampling that is associated with self-interest (Erdős 87). The education should be focused toward putting the interest of nature first rather than individual self-interest.

Nature conservation is based wholly on economic benefits; hence some members of the society are deemed to be valueless to the economy (Erdős 87). This can lead to the extinction of some species where individuals see no reason to preserve them. A conservation system that is based on economic value is hopeless. When people attach economic importance to the environment, it may lead to variations in their population hence creating an imbalanced ecology. The section suggests that the earth is a pyramid in terms of the food chain. The food chain keeps nature sustainable as each living thing has to keep its population manageable. There is a chain of reaction in the environment where one change can affect change to the rest of the pyramid. A change in the food chain may be soil erosion where it has lasting effects as the land and waters.

Land ethics is seen as the understanding of the capability of the land to self-renewal and human effort to preserve this health (Erdős 88). It seeks to explain how to land that is biota and soil can be preserved by replenishing its fertility. The weight of farm crops does not determine the value of food. Crops in fertile regions are more likely to be of better quality, but this does not quantify their value. Land ethic exists where there are love and admiration for the environment. People must first love nature so as to conserve it without attaching economic value. The evolution of caring for the land is intellectual and emotional. This evolution is enshrined in people’s attitude and the implementation of conservation practices.

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