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The Kellogg Wilmar Partnership case Study Homework Help

It is fair for Kellogg to be held accountable for the conduct of Wilmar. The first major reason why he should be held accountable is that they have a partnership, and hence any action by one party will affect the other partner since it is hard to separate the two. Kellogg is most likely conversant with Willmar’s illegal activities which include growing of processing palm oil in Indonesia and was also accused of having connections with a huge slash and burn fires that are started to burn down forests as a way of making room for new oil plantations (Frederisk and Barbara 5). The fact that all these illegal activities are happening at the watch of Kellogg, makes him an accomplice or should hence take a part of the blame.

Expanding into the Asian market will require Kellogg to drop his partner Wilmar. The first reason is because of the public outcry of unethical behaviors of his partner, a factor that could tarnish his name and the brand name of the company. Kellogg’s illegal activities have already disappointed the vast Asian population, and this damage can only be addressed by cutting links with Wilmer and addressing the issue publicly where he would dissociate with himself with any of the illegal business. Without Wilmar, it might be relatively more complicated due to his knowledge about the market and his resourcefulness. However, this does not guarantee him a reason to continue engaging with a person who is seen to be unethical since this could paint a bad image to the company and have long term negative effects to the wellbeing and reputation of the company in the future.

Diane Holdorf, therefore needs to advise the Kellogg leadership to first mind about its reputation, since bad publicity would lead to further losing into competitor and more downsizing. Diane should also advise the firm on developing new strategies for penetrating the Asian market, rather than depending on Wilmar who will harm the brand name due to his unethical practices. Alternatively, the firm could ask Wilmar to own up to his actions and clear his name before engaging any further with the company.

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