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The Internet’s History Essay | Do My Paper

The internet has become a crucial tool in human life that people hardly remember that the internet was is not actually that old. The United States developed the internet as a network for communication that would enable them to survive the nuclear war (Kurzgesagt, 2014). The internet was established as the ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) that evolved to what is now considered the internet. ARPANET was very successful, but the membership was limited to specific research and academic organizations. Until 1960, there was no network but mainframes used to process information one at a time. Therefore, to respond to this limitation, other networks were developed to allow information sharing.

Lessons from the Video

The internet exists because people need to communicate. The first computer network results from solving a problem linked to lines of communication and direct communication. The computer network created, which is now the internet, aimed to maintain the lines of communication open for the United States (Kurzgesagt, 2014). The network communication is done through packet switching rather than direct connections where data is formatted into packets within an address for machine destination and sent onto the network to be received by the other machine. The World Wide Web resulted from gathering information and making it accessible through an interconnected system.

Marketing on the Web

Marketing on the web has led to integrated marketing communications, which significantly impact the business market. Internet marketing has allowed more traffic and leads into business, thus widening the target market. The web has allowed business to coordinate their communication approaches and promote messages through multiple strategies that have worked together to reinforce the business market.

A day made of Glass

A day made of Glass shows the future where the glass technology will improve every aspect of human life, allowing people to interact, play and work in unique ways (Corning, 2011). All-weather surface glass never came to fruition. E-commerce can rely on gadgets such as large format display glasses, which provide easy-to-use marketing signage with no visible frames that interrupt the message.

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