The importance of studying history in school

Today’s world is a global society. Countries from all over the world are connected in many different ways, from sharing the same technologies to being involved in similar events. However, even as societies become more closely intertwined, history seems to be forgotten as time goes by. In recent years there has been a push for schools to include foreign language learning in school curriculum across Canada and America, but what about learning other countries’ histories? Learning the basics of another country’s culture will help build understanding between people of different nations and stop negative stereotypes that can cause problems later on.

Although most Canadian students do learn about some aspects of Canadian history throughout their schooling, there is often very little information taught about other countries around the world (and vice versa). Countries such as France, China and Japan are commonly taught in high school because of their prominent impact on Canada’s history. But there are many other countries that have had a profound effect on Canada’s development that are not often taught in schools. For example, what does learning about German immigrants in the 1800s have to do with learning about Canadian history? The answer is simple. Knowing this information makes it easier for students to understand why various aspects of “Canadian culture” came into being when they did, rather than having these ideas brought over from another country much later on.

Studying history is never just knowing dates and events; it also includes understanding how people thought at different points in time. When studying the past, one thing leads to another, with each piece of new knowledge helping students understand why historical events occurred the way they did.

Understanding history is important not only because it can help Canadians understand Canadian history more deeply, but also because studying other countries’ histories shows how different cultures developed over time. It can give an insight into what makes societies “tick” and show that every country has its own unique challenges to face. One example is understanding the factors that led to Japan’s colonization by Europeans during the mid-19th century. By studying this part of Japanese history, one would gain a better understanding of why Japan as a nation acts as it does today as well as gaining a deeper understanding into why the world is what is now .

Historical lessons have the power to give students a greater understanding of appreciation for their lives and culture. If more history was taught in schools, it would go a long way towards making students more cultured, empathetic and open-minded. Studying history gives people a better understanding of how they fit into society as well as showing the interconnectedness of the world today. These lessons are what make studying history so important.

This is why studying history should be an integral part of school curriculum across Canada and America. Students will gain knowledge about other cultures’ histories which can help them understand themselves better; this kind of education cannot be reprinted (it must be learnt).

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