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The Impact of Technology on Human Behavior and Perception

Over the years, different scholars have portrayed technology based on their assertions and experiences with innovation. While many have praised the technology for its ability to make work easier, others have attributed the invention with distractions that reduce productivity in the workplace. From this realization, the impact of technology on human behavior has become a common aspect of study where various authorities continue to disseminate information that can enable individuals to realize the benefits of the innovation. In the world today, technology has become an integral aspect of life that people entirely rely on invention. In the medical world, technology has led to the development of the most complex and effective treatment solutions that address a wide range of medical problems affecting individuals. Social media and the internet have changed people’s perspectives towards communication, an aspect that has improved the relationship between organizations and the consumer market. Technology has exposed people to a different environment where their attitude towards life has transformed to incorporate the changes associated with innovation. While people are now exposed to threats such as cybercriminals and bioterrorism, the focus remains on enabling individuals to realize the full potential of technology.

Human Perspectives

Before the internet was discovered in the early 1980s, individuals used analog channels of communication that were inefficient, if compared to modern standards of interaction. However, these approaches bridged the geographical gap between individuals and enabled them to realize their desired objectives. Unlike today, the expectations held by people towards communication incorporated the possibility of failure because of the inability of the existing systems to perform effectively. From this realization, people continued to use letters, which were considered a reliable form of communication because of its limited technical involvement. Telephones were affected by a power outage or adverse weather conditions that rendered them useless during a time of need. Given the nature of individuals to respond differently to events taking place in their external environment, identifying the impact of technology on human behavior is a valid topic that can be used to make informed decisions.

As the world evolved, various technological advancements, such as the internet, were introduced to improve the overall experience of individuals. In this case, one can tell that the numerous innovations in the world today are inspired by the need to enhance people’s perspectives towards life. Transitioning from pigeon holes to emails has shaped individual attitudes towards technology, where many appreciate the innovations because of their ability to improve outcomes. Even though the adverse effects of technology are becoming apparent by the day, individuals are encouraged to focus on the positive attribute of the numerous innovations to realize their unlimited benefits. Understanding the impact of technology on human behavior is demonstrated by the ability of people to spend a lot of time on social media than engaging physically with their peers on the same topics. While the level of interaction on social media is different from physical engagements, scholars have identified a trend that could be explained for the anti-social nature of many people today.

The Role of the Media

The traditional media is struggling to maintain its relevance that has been claimed by the new media, whose approach appears to favor and satisfy the changing needs of individuals. In this regard, the press has embraced new media tools such as social media to disseminate information and engage their target audience on social platforms. Sharing information as it happens has enabled news outlets to achieve their media objectives and become more effective in their role of informing the public (Turkle 26). However, the process of educating and informing the people has been faced with various pitfalls that water down the benefits and positive attributes of the technology. For instance, the modern person is now consuming more hours on social media than on the traditional media channels, exposing them to different types of information that shape their perspectives towards life. From this realization, the current generation is unable to make informed decisions because of the existence of misleading information on the various social platforms.

Technological advancements such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been incorporated in the media to deliver accurate information that is doctored to suit personal expectations. In this case, many individuals have been trapped in the digital space that distances them from other people in their surroundings. Likewise, social media users believe that they are always competing with the next person, a move that has led to an increase in the number of depression cases around the globe (Tong, Walder, and Anthony 19). From this realization, many people are willing to only share their good and flourishing moments with their online following as opposed to the instances where they are facing problems. The creation of false impressions has become a leading cause of many issues affecting young people in the modern world.e Since the media appears to have lost focus on its role of informing the people, its desire to compete with the new media has led to the availability of misinformation in the digital age.

Learning Process

 In the learning environment, students have become lazier than before at a time when they are expected to excel because of the availability of excellent resources. Unlike in the past, where libraries were the only sources of learning materials, the internet is a digital library that contains information on everything. Plagiarism cases are on the rise, as learning institutions struggle to tame students on the right and ethical academic standards. From this perspective, many institutions expose students caught in academic dishonesty to punitive measures that focus on disciplining them to discourage the vice. Looking at this instance, technology has made people lazy because of the availability of a wide range of information at their disposal. Instead of utilizing these resources, students and many individuals have become armchair scholars who are interested in the published data on the interwebs. While scholars continue to share approaches that the modern generation can use to deliver themselves from the yoke of technology, many are struggling to wean off the internet addiction that has affected their perspectives towards life.


While people are now exposed to threats such as cybercriminals and bioterrorism, the focus remains on enabling individuals to realize the full potential of technology. Today, information is easily accessible as opposed to medieval times, an aspect that has contributed to the general emancipation on social issues. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have become digital streets where individuals champion for change in the community. From this observation, technology has had a significant impact on people’s perspectives due to exposure to different sources of information that define their behavior. For instance, many people are unaware of the right weight-loss procedure one can follow because of the existence of different versions developed by scholars. Looking at this pitfall, one can only imagine the different types of risks that the modern generation has to face.

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