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The Impact of Sneakers in the World Today | Leading Paper Writers Website

The sneaker culture and its impact on the contemporary world have become a subject of study because of its ability to shape the interests of a generation. The uptake of sneakers from young people in the U.S. and beyond has compelled manufacturers in the shoe and apparel industry to rethink their strategies and develop viable products that appeal to their target audience. Lux and Peter explore the sneaker market and its lucrative resale price that has led to the realization of profits in the fashion industry. In 2012, Nike shoes under the Lebron James brand fetched $300 million in the U.S. market, an indication of the viability that is controlled by the sneaker market. Bekoe explores how the sneaker culture has equipped black men with the confidence to challenge different aspects of life. However, society has created restrictions that continue to define people of color along racial lines, an element that has influenced the outcomes of events in the world today. From the scholarly articles, one can identify the impact of sneakers it has had on individuals and their ability to make informed decisions in their immediate environment. Although sneakers have given individuals a sense of fashion, the shoes are being used to create social problems by judging individuals who embrace the concept along racial lines.

Thematic Context

While analyzing the impact of sneakers, individuals should question their existence that has remained consistent over the years. Even though young people are exposed to different fashion brands and moves, the perspective of individuals towards sneakers has not changed, compelling scholars to examine the issues that trigger individuals to associate with the shoe brand (Lux and Peter). Popularizing the brand through celebrity endorsement has had a significant impact that continues to influences the changing needs of customers in the U.S. and beyond. For instance, sneaker brands have penetrated the basketball industry and led to the creation of a wave that identifies with their favorite athletes. Given the appealing nature of the shoes, its impact on young people has grown to incorporate their changing perspectives towards life. From this realization, one can observe the effects of sneaker corporations that follow the market trends and integrate consumer expectations in their shoe products and services.

Bekoe observes that the sneaker culture has influenced the lifestyles of individuals in the U.S. and beyond because of the value attached to the shoes. On many occasions, individuals are expected to align their interests with the changing needs of individuals, an aspect that can fail to be achieved because of the different viewpoints held by people. Many sneaker lovers are mostly young people who fall in love with the concept of being fashionable and commanding respect from their peers through their keen sense of fashion. Although there might be violence involved, the high value of sneakers can distract a person from accomplishing their desired objectives. Sneaker lovers, commonly referred to as “sneakerheads,” collect different brands that appeal to their sense of fashion. In extreme cases, one can have up to 700 pairs of sneaker brands, compelling them to secure a storage unit because of their inability to fit in the average household.

Rhetorical Analysis

Lux and Peter focus on the resale market of different sneakers in the U.S. and beyond. Notably, sneakers have a high price tag that many people might be unable to afford. Even though the shoe brands are appealing, the resale market is even more profitable because of the willingness of consumers to purchase the sneakers at an affordable price. Importantly, sneakers are comfortable and, as such, have been used to describe the image of any young person around the globe. Given the unpredictable nature of individuals in their immediate environment, individuals are supposed to experience different outcomes when wearing the shoe brand, an aspect that makes sneakers have a lasting impression on the perspectives of individuals in their immediate environment. Compared to other shoe manufacturers, sneaker corporations enjoy a certain level of dominance that can be compared to that of prominent mobile phone manufacturers, which appreciate consumer loyalty.

Bekoe uses pathos to convince his target audience that he may be interested in sneakers. Today, many individuals collect sneakers, an aspect that has created a particular cultural practice around the globe. Even though corporations are supposed to align their interests with the changing needs of individuals, sneaker manufacturers have a significant impact on people’s perspectives that define their loyalty towards the shoe brand. By narrowing on sneaker collectors, Bekoe explores the effects of other people towards the people of color, who mostly associate with different sneaker brands. Violence has been meted on individuals who collect sneakers because of the value related to their collections. Likewise, many individuals view sneaker collectors along the racial lines, an aspect that hinders individuals from making informed decisions. From this realization, individuals are supposed to develop a culture of responsibility that promotes equality in the community by overcoming challenges that hinder people from accomplishing their desired objectives.

Resolution of Perspectives

Despite the approaches used by the authors to accomplish their desired objectives, consumers should identify various processes that can be used to solve their problems. In this case, sneakers have been found to have a significant impact on the lifestyles of individuals because of their ability to define their sense of fashion. Corporations can develop products that complement the interests of individuals and enhance their overall experience regarding issues taking place in the world today. Coming at a time when racism is at its peak, sneaker corporations can use shoe brands to promote peace and create a sense of awareness that enhances people’s perspectives towards life. Likewise, the public can be informed about the importance of embracing peace and accommodating other people’s beliefs, in an attempt to improve outcomes in the contemporary world. Satisfying the changing nature of individuals requires corporations to invest in research to observe the diverse problems affecting people’s lifestyles.

While sneakers appear to be creating more problems for fashion lovers than equipping them with a sense of belonging, shoe manufacturers should create an enabling environment where social issues can be discussed. Importantly, dominant population groups around the world should not use the shoes to discriminate individuals who associate with the shoe brand. Instead, people can adopt an approach that explores the issues that resonate with the current problems and identify their ability to create viable solutions that complement their lifestyles. Likewise, focusing on the impact of the shoe brand on personal experience can accommodate the changing needs of individuals and develop solutions that demonstrate an aspect of growth in the world today. Observing the sneaker resale market shows a population group that is keen on fashion and the need to reward their hard work. Many sneaker lovers sacrifice their earnings to look excellent and decent during their interactions with other people in their surrounding environment.


Although sneakers have given individuals a sense of fashion, the shoes are being used to create social problems by judging individuals who embrace the concept along racial lines. In the U.S., sneakers enjoy a significant portion of the market value, where corporations benefit from consumer loyalty and market impressions. Notably, the ability to satisfy the changing consumer needs creates a positive impact on the shoe brand and allows individuals to align their interests with the different sneaker brands. From this perspective, the sneaker resale market is a favorable business environment that will enable individuals to accomplish their desired objectives. Unlike other markets that enjoy dominance, individuals can purchase different sneaker brands because of their desire to collect various shoe types. Given the costly nature of the shoes, the resale market presents an opportunity for individuals to purchase the sneakers and satisfy their desire to look fashionable in their immediate environment.

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