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The Human Socialization Process Essay | Homework Help Online

Theories of Human Development


George Herbert Mead’s theory of social behaviorism indicates that people align their personalities with the type of individuals they interact with in their surroundings. In this model, human development is influenced by events taking place in their immediate environment and the nature of conversations they have with other people. By approaching self-reflections with caution, Mead develops an exciting concept that demonstrates how individuals can utilize their self-awareness to initiate various aspects that highlight events taking place in their contemporary environment (Mead, 2019). Likewise, Charles Horton Cooley’s theory of self demonstrates the way a person can learn about themselves by looking into their reflection in a mirror. By understanding various issues taking place in the world today, many people fail to recognize certain aspects that take place in their immediate surroundings. Both Cooley and Mead have developed concepts that can account for the behavior of individuals by exposing them to an enabling environment where they can make informed decisions regarding their actions.


Cooley’s interactionist perspective of sociology focuses on the ability of individuals to attach the meaning of life to the teachings introduced to them by society. In his argument, Cooley believes that individuals are conversant with different aspects that focus on the need to overcome certain elements bordering on the role of external factors taking place in the contemporary environment. From this realization, any changes in society initiate a corresponding behavioral adaptation that enables individuals to fit in the community. However, Mead focuses on the nature of interactions people have with other individuals and their impact on their self-awareness. By using the information gained from this information, individuals become aware of their identity, which can change to influence other people’s perspectives.

Key Agents of Socialization


  1. Home or family.

This determines the approaches one can use when connecting with other people.

  1. Neighborhood and community

The neighborhood defines the behavior of an individual and sets a corresponding set of beliefs that determine a person’s perspective towards life (Genner & Süss, 2017).

  1. Peer group

The type of friends one has, influences their behavior.

  1. Social class

People who belong to a specific social class display similar behavior.

  1. Religion

This has a set of beliefs and values that one has to adhere to when socializing.

  1. Culture

Culture defines one’s identity in the community.

Description of the agents

My home has defined my interactions with other people in my surroundings, while the community I was brought up in is responsible for my perspectives towards life. I keep a close group of friends who motivate me to be a better individual. I intend to rise above the middle class to become an individual who can help the country. My religious values have made me make informed decisions on problems while my cultural identity has ruined the way people see me in the community.

Feral Children


Feral children are a group of young people who were isolated from any form of human contact to limit their understanding of what care, love, and language entail (Rollo, 2018).

Importance of Socialization

By often referring to feral children, sociologists anticipate exposing individuals to an enabling environment where they can make informed decisions regarding their understanding of socialization. Feral children have a limited understanding of human values, an aspect that makes them useful in the demonstration of social behavior and human development. See more from the sample essay on social behavior.

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