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Gamer is one who plays interactive games and who plays for long period of time. Some of the games are; skill-based card games, video games, and tabletop role playing games. Most gamers are competitive, that is they compete in such games for money. Countries such as Australia and UK the word gaming can refer to gambling legalization, which take both digital and cultural forms through online gambling. Around the world there are many different gamer communities. Researchers realized that most gamers shared the same mental characteristics as athletes. Since global introduction of internet gamer communicates take the form of You Tube or internet forums or Twitch virtual.

Gamer originally meant gambler, which has been in use since 1422. Town laws of Walsall referred to tennis player, carder, dice player, or other unlawful gamer. However in the United States unlawful description of gamer has not been adopted, it became connected with other pastimes. In the US, made their appearance as war-games. War-games were basically formed as military and strategy tool. They also named their players gamers and this is where gamer changed meaning from a person who gambles to someone who plays video games or board games.

Although equal number of women and men play games, the stereotype of a gamer is predominantly male(Paaßen et al., 423). Conviction for this is that when women plays games, they are not considered as true gamer reason being they play games that are casual and need no skills than men. This stereotype is affirmed by the fact that at a professional level, most competing teams are made of men.

It is common for games industry, games media, and academics to subdivide gamers into wide behavioral groups. These groups are commonly separated by how they are dedicated to gaming. There are no general names or definitions of these groups, though a lot of attempts have been taken to formalize them. Some of the attempts and their common components are such as; Casual gamer. The term is mostly used for gamers who basically play casual games; casual gamer also refers to gamers who play less frequently. Casual gamers play games that are short sessions or that are at a slower speed than professional gamers. Examples of casual games include Nintendogs and the Sims. Hardcore gamer is another type of a gamer. Scott Kim and Ernest Adams suggested classification metrics to differentiate between casual gamers and hardcore gamers, emphasizing action, complexity, competition, and staying abreast of creations in software and hardware.

Professional gamers mostly play games for salaries or prizes. Such gamer’s diligently study the game in order to know and master it to play in competitions (Tong 351). A Professional gamer can be another type of gamer, such as hardcore gamer. Countries of Asia, especially china and South Korea, professional gamers are supported by companies and earn more than $100,000 per year. Most professional gamers realized that competitions provides good amount of money to develop and support them. However, these professional gamers also locate even more options; one such option is found in live streams of their games. Professional gamers who stream make money from their stream. Live steaming mostly occurs in popular websites such as, You Tube, Twitch, and Hitbox. Retro gamer is another type of a gamer, retro gamer prefers to play, and often collect arcade games and retro games. Retro gamer may also be called old school gamers, the games are played on modern hardware, original hardware or compilations.



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