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The Digital Revolution in Global Marketing

Sustaining and Disruptive Technologies

To comprehend the difference between disruptive and sustaining technologies, it is important to function of every aspect. Foremost, sustaining technology is also known as routine innovation. This invention transpires on an incremental basis and attributed to the market demands and fresh technology (Campbellsville University, 2017).  Sustaining invention aims at improving an existing product. Despite not creating a new market, it will assist in developing the value of current products, therefore developing competition amongst corporations. An example of sustaining technology entails the enlargement of data storage. This form of technology is enhanced by generating a considerably amount of space for information on individual computers. The sustaining technology is constantly advancing to assist clients possess added data capacity in smaller gadgets.

On the other hand, disruptive technology is a type of improved technology or basically new technology that dislodges and interrupts new technology. The technology disrupts the market and value network. The disruptive segment originates from a business concept and not the real technology. The key objective, comparable to other inventions in this classification, is to be successful over other forms technology in the particular product field (Campbellsville University, 2017). An example of distributive technology involves 3D printing. The numerous advantages of this technology consist of rapid developments that are low-priced and less wasteful whilst also being greatly customizable.

Three issues that must be addressed when designing and implementing global e-commerce websites

As the e-commerce sector develops, these are various challenges vendors should deal with. To overcome the challenges, three issues should be addressed during the design and implementation of a global e-commerce website. Foremost, it entails cyber security. Owners require the appropriate cybersecurity structure to maintain the safety of the data while assisting personnel at the corporation feel galvanized and secure to implement strategies and tech to battle cyberattacks.  Possessing a response plan may assist the business reduce interruptions and continue offering services to customers through other methods.

The second issue involves quality website traffic and website conversion. To convert the traffic into converting clienteles, it is important to have a modern, clean, user-friendly, trustworthy and virus-free website (Chaffey Edmundson-Bird & Hemphill, 2019). Each industry is diverse, therefore understanding the audience is vital to generating an e-commerce site that resonates with the clients. The third issue involves competition. Differentiating the company from other competitors is vital to standing out and appealing to new clienteles for the business. This may be achieved by guaranteeing the website appears specialized and is appropriately optimized to meet the current Google algorithm.

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