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The Chicano Generation

The article, Who Is a Chicano? And What Is It the Chicanos Want, was written by Ruben Salazar explaining about the Chicanos. Ruben Salazar worked as a staff reporter and at one time a chief of the Times Mexico City Bureau. The article on Chicanos by Ruben Salazar was published in the year 1886 by the Los Angeles Times. Ruben Salazar’s article is a primary source since he personally carried out the research on the Chicanos and came up with the article through his findings.

Salazar defines a Chicano as a Mexican-American who has a non-Anglo image of himself. Chicanos are an older version of the Mexican-American who had Spanish as their first language. The rise of the new Mexican-American generation takes pride in their origin as Chicano as they fight for their equality and rights despite their ethnic background.

The new identity of Mexican-Americans is raised on rock, rhythm and country music which expresses about their culture. The Mexican-American music changed in the 1960s when it became popular and also other races embraced it. Mexicans formed their own bands using their own original names which did not raise any issue. Rock music became popular in America and listened by all. This gave the Chicanos the courage to trace back to their roots.

In the image ‘Mural Read in Between the Lines’ shows a Chicano worker who had been enslaved by modern technology whereas his family watches television astonished by images of sex and violence. A young boy sits there reading about the Mexican history. Mexicans had been oppressed for a long time because of their origin. They always did the back breaking jobs and also were not considered as Americans and also many of their young men died in the war in Vietnam. The images represent the oppressions that they went through and in their movement, they fought against those vices so as to get a good life.

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