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The Business of Crime Essay | Best Essay Writing Service

The reading “The Business of Crime” avails significant insights linked to social evils and challenges occurring in global communities. One of these issues is the failure of police officers to solve murder cases. When an individual dies, families and friends have greater expectations of attaining justice. Police officers assemble all pieces of evidence to ensure that justice prevails. However, Rothstein’s death is one of the unsolved cases that continue to tarnish the institution’s image. For over three years, the administration struggled with growing embarrassment due to the unsuccessful handling of the case (140). The situation reflects the inability of the police department to solve murder cases leading to delayed or no justice for the victims and their families. The community develops mistrust and pessimism in the law enforcement agency. In the long-run, such attitudes can make a community safe and secure, considering people might take law in their hands. Besides inefficiencies associated with solving murder cases, the text reflects the role such incidents play in political issues.

Unsolved murders act as significant barriers for persons desiring to assume leadership positions. These cases often take the lead in campaigns and challenge the person seeking power.  For example, current leaders may encounter challenges convincing individuals to elect them if they failed to ensure that justice prevails. Failure to account for these unsolved crimes and murders may be associated with a lack of responsibility, transparency, and accountability. The media and other interested parties might use these cases to ensure the public can access quality information about the person and make the right decisions when electing leaders. The reading provides an opportunity for global leaders to make informed and appropriate decisions that suits the interests and welfare of the people. Not only does the reading highlight the link between unsolved murders and limitations in accessing political posts, but also engagement in illegal social deeds.

Influential persons in the community earn their money through engagement in illegal channels. The most common form of acquiring resources is drug sales. The funds obtained are channeled into other productive areas. Rothstein (144) earned his money through illegal channels and utilized it to develop personal businesses such as real estate and theater. This reflects an organized crime meant to deter a community’s image and status. In most cases, persons conducting illegal activities are more interested in ‘professionalizing the underworld,” where they spend most of their time strengthening these ties at the expense of their interests and that of their family members (144). Overall, Rothstein is deemed as a corrupt person since he finances illegal business ventures supported by his close ties with influential leaders. His actions reflect illegal business ventures by the powerful and elite persons in society.

Overall, the reading reflects the never-ending development of crime across global communities. The support accorded by the powerful and influential leaders supports the thriving of illegal business ventures. The departure of one person or a group in illegal business ventures always prompts the emergence of another. For instance, after Rothstein’s death, the Murder Inc. group adopted and inherited most of Rothstein’s legacies. Unless the law enforcement sector and political leaders eliminate the ties existing between them and these persons, organized crime might be a common element in society. There is a dire need for leaders and the policing sector to counter organized crime by observing accountability and responsibility. Notably, solving cases provides an opportunity to eliminate further engagement in illegal activities that may put the lives of individuals at risk.

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