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The Best Way to Break Up with a Significant Other

Committing a future with one’s partner is linked to more emotional investment. The experience of a breakup is associated with an increase in psychological distress as well as the decline in life satisfaction (Kansky & Allen, 175). As time passes, intimate knowledge is passed, memories are created, friends and activities are shared, and life becomes more intertwined (Rhoades, 366). These factors lead to difficulty in adjusting after a breakup. After a breakup, a person that had dated their partners for a long time becomes distressed, which may lead to mental illness. Therefore, this paper will focus on the best way to break up with a significant other to avoid stressful times.

A breakup should not come out of the blue. The first thing before a breakup is a chance to fix things. This is where both parties share their dissatisfactions and concerns and try to work them out. It’s essential to include each other in discussions around one’s feelings so that a breakup does not take them by surprise, which may be stressful and confusing (Candice). After decided on ending the relationship, it is vital to give yourself space and time to think about what you want to do. Effectively plan your thoughts on what to tell the significant other to avoid being blameful, non-compassionate and accusatory (Lea). After planning what to tell the significant other, pick an appropriate location and deliver the break up in person to show that you care for them.

Ideally, relationships are built on interdependence which significantly changes one’s life. This is because there are investments of resources such as mutual friends, self-disclosures and shared possessions. During the breakup conversation, it is essential to put yourself in their shoes and be prepared to brace feelings from both sides (Jenny). There is a need to have time and space for them to process the news since you can’t control their reactions. Avoid listing reasons why the relationship is not suitable for you since these could be hard things for the other to let go. Rather than pointing fingers focus on sharing from your perspective what you’re feeling. The decision to break up should be a result of a common reaction to avoid distressful experience after the breakup.



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