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Terrorists Attacks Targets Essay | Best Paper Writers

Ideology plays a fundamental role in terrorist’s target selection. Doctrine provides a crystal through which terrorists survey people’s events; it also supplies them with an incentive motive for action (Koehler, 2020). Those institutions and individuals whom terrorists count guilty of having transgressed the doctrines of the terrorists’ are counted as legitimate aims of the terrorist. Beliefs also make terrorists justify their attack by overriding the responsibility onto either actors or their victims. Ideology also provides means by which arsonists seek to legalize violence, both to themselves and the outside world.

Terrorists use eight phases to execute their attacks. These phases include; surveillance, arsonists, observe the selected target at this phase; this helps them determine the weaknesses, strengths, and security personnel who can respond to the attack (Bolz, Dudonis & Schulz, 2016). Inquiries at this phase terrorists try to get data about the target to make their plans or mission more effective. Test of security helps them test the target’s security to get information and assess weaknesses and strengths. Fundraising is the essential phase; arsonists require funds for their activities. Acquiring supplies phase, terrorists buy or still weapons, explosives, and ammunition or get harmful chemical equipment they use during an attack. Other phases are suspicious, dry runs, and deploying assets. Terrorists at both recruitment and radicalization use social media in a well-planned strategy, which confounds the majority. Terrorist chooses to use social media because it feet’s them in many ways. Most social media sites cost little and are easy to use; arsonists tailor their information to a narrow audience. The terrorists start by mobilization; after one is mobilized, they are interested in knowing the causes why arsonists are fighting. Candidate for recruitment acquires group’s attention by giving financial donations, entering a terrorist’s chat group, downloading arsonists’ propaganda, or visiting terrorists’ pages.

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