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Terrorism and Human Rights: Book Analysis Homework

The  readings mainly expound on the issue of terrorism and human rights. According to the readings, the counter-terrorism policy has had broad repercussions for human rights and also has led to civil liberties. Sometimes the issue of human rights stands in the way of prosecuting and charging terrorists. Nevertheless, according to chapter three of the book by Shor & Hoadley (2019), there have been increased cases of rights violations when attacks are taking place or when responding to a perceived threat.

There is always therefore a debate due to the dilemma between maintaining national security and observing individual rights. In most cases, individual rights are sacrificed for the sake of fighting terrorism, hence raising questions on some of the attacks. In chapter 5 of the book by Nowak & Charbord (2018), the UN has taken multiple measures as a way of avoiding mistakes on how to go about observing human rights and having a security perspective in the war against terror. The chapter expounds more on resolutions passed that would help focus on countering violent extremism, as a way of preventing terrorism.

From the class readings, it is apparent that there is a dire need to balance between fighting terrorism and promoting human rights. This is since when rights are well promoted, then it is easier to ensure that there are efficient counter-terrorism strategies are in place. In all the readings, it is also manifest that there is a need for a better strategic approach in the fight against terrorism. Considering the rights of each individual will ensure that there are sustainable solutions to help tackle these terror threats.

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