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Temporary Assistance for Needy Families | College Paper Help

The TANF is one of the federal welfare policy initiatives by the United States government. Having been initiated in 1996 by the United States Congress, the TANF program offers bequests to regions and states to present needy households with monetary assistance and related services (Haskins & Weidinger, 2019). The objectives of the welfare policy entail offering aid to destitute households, eradicating the interdependence of households on state aid, reduction of non-material pregnancies and advancing the establishment and sustenance of two-parental households (Falk, 2014). To accomplish the objectives, state administrations have comprehensive flexibility regarding ways of spending TANF funding, comprising of suitability criterion and the profits to offer. Nonetheless, the welfare policy entails work involvement requirements for states implementing the initiative and grown-ups receiving help.

Since the inception, TANF has recorded numerous successes. With the welfare policy in place, the families that need monetary aid has been on the decline. Therefore, the caseload diminished for 14 consecutive years, from over 5 million diverse households in early 1994 to approximately 1.5 million disadvantaged households in 2008 (Haskins Albert & Howard,2014). In regard to income, the remuneration and wages of never-married women developed abruptly with the inception of the TANF policy (Sheely, 2013). Correspondingly, substantial development has been made against child deprivation with the presentation of TANF. Nonetheless, the policy is also contains several issues. The failure to involve recipients regarding the desired work undertakings and complications linked to spending of TANF funds in states poses key apprehensions.

To tackle the challenges that face TANF, numerous reform suggestions have been recommended by several groups and persons, Democrats and Republicans. The transformations are majorly centered on consolidating the TANF work needs, driving finances to core undertakings, guaranteeing an improved emphasis on poor households, easing marriage drawbacks, helping regions and states during economic predicaments, and carrying out regular TANF performance processes.

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