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Ted Talk Analysis

Preparedness of the Speaker

The Ted Talk, presented by Wanda Irving (2020), covers a speech on “How the US medical community fails Black mothers.” Black mothers are in constant danger due to the negligence and failures of medical professionals. The deaths of Black mothers occur three to four times more than White mothers. Among these, 60 percent of the deaths are preventable. Irving’s speech shows a high-level of preparedness based on the meticulous data and statistics used to illustrate the extent of the problem she is discussing. For example, she notes that “between 700 to 800 women die each year in American as pregnancy and childbirth-related complications” (Irving, 2020). This shows a profound problem that requires substantial measures to mitigate and eliminate from society.


Irving (2020), in the speech, uses data and citations from resources, including NPR and ProPublica reports indicating the maternal mortality rate in the United States as the highest in the world. Also, reports by the Health Resources and Services Administration is used to indicate the trends in maternal mortality in the past six decades. The use of primary information such as quoting of Former Surgeon General David Satcher and Nelson Mandela is used to emphasize the intensity and magnitude of the problem. Also, Irving uses personal information and experiences to explain the emotional pain at the hands of the failures of generational bias and racism towards the Black community.

Overall Experience

The speech shows high potential and rich in data used to inform the problem presented. The use of personal first-hand experience to share feelings and the pain of suffering as a result of bias and negligence due to racism attracts the emotional connection. The speech is appealing to the audience as it illustrates the extensive suffering subjected by Black mothers is something that should bring joy to them. The use of statistical data is fundamental to illustrate the magnitude of the problem. Hence, the speech indicates the significance of immediate action to change the trend.

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