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Technology and Social Work Practice | Best Paper Writers

Social workers have leveraged and integrated technology thus developing new ways to harness social work practices. Latest achievements have indicated that various technologies have can be effectively utilized for social work practice (Berzin, Singer, and Chan, 2015). Technology has been used to facilitate different services such as case management, counseling, support, and other social work functions. Additionally, technology has been used to obtain information, facilitate communication and interventions, and offer information to clients.

A huge number of interventions have applied gamification technology. This entails integrating game-like techniques in the social work practices to facilitate the learning of different behaviors (O’leary, Tsui, and Ruch, 2013). Gamification has been effective in treating groups of people with depression and substance abuse individuals.

Gamification has been used in the treatment of individuals with mental health and drug abuse disorders. Considerably, gamification has allowed turning intervention content into a game format which has boosted engagement with early-stage mobile interventions and prevention. For instance, mobile apps that use gamification have been an effective and valuable platform for mental health interventions and well-being reducing attrition and enhancing motivation.

The two major concerns are boundaries and privacy issues. Technology in social work practices has brought about a new way of thinking about the boundaries of relationships, thus resulting in ethical concerns (Berzin, Singer, and Chan, 2015). Technology has challenged confidentiality and privacy issues. Boundaries have led to a conflict of interest which harms the clients. Social workers need to adhere to regulations linked to confidentiality and privacy. Social workers should maintain clear boundaries when services are provided, similar to the traditional work practices.

Gamification will be effective in developing healthy communities since it encourages contribution to a common gain. Recognition and reward systems that encourage positive in-game conduct will enhance engagement in practices with different groups. Gamification will promote health behaviors and interventions for managing health, thus positively impacting social support.

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