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Target Population/Cultural Considerations

Caring Emergency Services organization is tasked with offering emergency assistance on basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, medications, hygiene items, and much more to enhance the quality of life and ease the burden for those in financial distress. The primary demographic for our organization’s target population will encompass the income level, employment location, homeownership, and the level of education. Since we are dedicated to helping all people in need when providing our services demographic factors such as age, gender and race will not be considered as we don’t want to bring the perception of inequality in gender and race. For instance, Ocala a city in Florida has a racial composition of more white people with seventy-three percent than the rest like black or African American with twenty percent, Asian with three percent among others, and more female than male (World Population Review, 2020). For a fair service, these factors should be considered non-influential to the organization’s decisions. We are aware of the current issues such as racial discrimination and gender inequality facing various organizations leading to low-quality services to their clients.

For the integrity purpose of the organization, it is vital to ensure the kind of staff offering services to clients will not compromise the organization’s reputation. To achieve the intended goal of the organization, the staff needs to have specialized training or certification. The organization needs a team that understands what is required to reach shared goals and make every effort to accomplish them. Trained staff will observe teamwork collaborating with the organization’s top managers to achieve common goals. According to Johnson (2019), an organization that provides on-the-job training and opportunities for the staff will ensure the enhancement of employee work-related skills. The organization ought to bring in other individuals to provide necessary departmental and corporate-wide training.

Further, the organization should also offer opportunities for staff to pursue certification and continual education. Therefore, in addition, what the level of knowledge our clients will have, the organization must give them opportunities for further studies that will help them to render quality services to our clients effectively. With trained staff, the organization will have strong leadership which is one of the main characteristics of a healthy organization committed to offering quality services. In the event correction is needed, the staff readily accept the constructive criticism provided by leaders.

For those clients who will come for the service and have different cultures than the primary demographic the organization has formulated, it is good to allow them to present their case on why they need the assistance and make a comprehensive solution for the case. Such cases are why the organization needs to have specialized, trained staff who can handle the case without portraying a negative perception. Organization requires to have well-planned procedures that will ensure services are offered without discrimination. After the assessment of the client who is outside the organization primary demographic found to be the person is not eligible to receive services, the person will be advised accordingly to understand our qualifications for the services. If the assessment comes out that the person is qualified for the service, the organization will have no option but to offer the service. Thus, such cases will have to force the organization to revisit the criteria used in selecting the qualified client to receive services.

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